CLG Drops Doublelift, Doublelift Joins TSM Shortly Afterwards

League of Legends, CLG and TSM reddits are quite interesting to read right now. No this is not a dream. All of the news you’ve been hearing about Doublelift is true. The CLG organization has decided to drop Doublelift from the team. According to CLG’s news post, this was due to relationship between Doublelift and the organization causing a heavy burden the grew in the past 4 years. In a surprising twist, TSM announced that Doublelift has joined the team. Former starter ADC Wildturtle is now a substitute but is looking for starter ADC on other teams.

Fans of both teams and of Doublelift probably have quite a few mixed feelings right now. And rightfully so. CLG and TSM’s League of Legends teams have been the top NA rivalry for years now. Doublelift has spent his entire career on CLG for the rivalry.

It’ll be interesting to see how Doublelift works with TSM in Season 6. It’ll also be interesting to see who CLG will bring in seeing that they dropped Doublelift and head coach Chris Ehrenreich. Season 5 LCS spring split was the best season ever for CLG but the Korean bootcamp curse is 2 for 2 as the disappointing 2nd week of the group stage this year knocked CLG out of Worlds. Also, and I’ve always thought this, CLG always makes drastic changes and the end of every season. Some of them were questionable but dropping Doublelift is quite the decision to make and bringing in someone to replace Doublelift will be quite the task. Season 6 will be very interesting for these two teams as their rosters get more and more finalized during the preseason.

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