Action Camera Coming To Guild Wars 2


You’ve probably heard about it by now but Guild Wars 2 is getting an action camera. Everyone will have access to it when Heart of Thorns releases. This camera is similar to FPS cameras with a little extra:

  • The action camera can be turned on and off via a toggle button (off by default)
  • Automatically turns off during cut scenes, dialogue and in-game panels.
  • No longer need to hold the right mouse button to look around
  • There will be a crosshair
  • “Snap Ground Target to Current Target” allows for players to place ground target skills at an active target’s position. There’s a key binding to turn this on and off as needed
  • Can explicitly lock/unlock to targets with right click
  • Left click fires skill 1; holding it down makes skill 1 fire continuously (can still use keyboard for skill 1). Works with ground targeting as long as you use instant ground targeting
  • “Allow Skill Retargeting” allows players to shift a channeled skill to another target prior to it’s attacks. Eg. Ranger’s Rapid Fire can switch to another target.

Check out the blog post by Joel Helmich for more!

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