League of Legends Worlds Season 5 Quarterfinals: Then There Were Four


So the Quarterfinals panned out pretty much as expected. Some games harder to call than others. In the end we have our final four: Origen, SKT, Fnatic and KOO Tigers.

Flash Wolves vs Origen was purely about who would show up. And it was Origen. I have to credit the Anivia pick Origen’s xPeke used that Flash Wolves did not punish at all. In fact, I’d go as far to say that Flash Wolves deserved to lose because they didn’t ban the Anivia pick; they clearly didn’t know how to play against it.

SKT vs AHQ. Not much to say about this one. I hate to say it but this wasn’t a priority series to watch for me because I knew SKT would win. Maybe AHQ could take one game. But nope, the 3-0 came in. The Ryze on SKT’s Faker was a nice surprise though.

Fnatic vs EDG was one I was excited to watch because I felt it would be a close series. In game one it felt close but Fnatic was able to pull it back. They used that momentum to with the other two matches for another 3-0 sweep in the quaterfinals. It looks like Fnatic’s Rekkles’ ADC Kennen is quite the threat. Also Fnatic showed diverse styles of play which they also win at; this will make semi-finals fun to watch.

Finally KT Rolster vs KOO Tigers. This was hard to call simply because both teams are on the same level. Then KOO’s Smeb got to play Fiora in game one and did really well. And then he got it in games 2 and 3. Yup, that’s right another clean 3-0 sweep. Granted KOO’s Gorilla and Kuro did work as well.

Thoughts On Semi Finals

First, and this is big, teams need to ban out champions they have a problem with. For crying out loud two of these series showed stubbornness in this and the stubborn team lost their series because of it.

For Origen vs SKT, I think Origen’s run is over as SKT is just a solid team and I think Faker can keep xPeke’s Anivia down enough if the pick goes through. For Fnatic vs KOO Tigers it’s hard to say but I think Fnatic will win. Fnatic is a team, in my opinion, that shows the most diverse styles of play and I think their players can take on KOO’s players rather decently in the laning phase.

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