Guild Wars 2 ESL Pro League Coming Soon!


Guild Wars 2 high level & pro players have something to look forward to in the coming months. ESL has been the main stage for the pro level Guild Wars 2 PvP scene with the ESL weeklys and the Go4GuildWars2 Cup. ArenaNet is now rebooting Guild Wars 2 as an eSport, in partnership with ESL of course. The first ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League will be a series of tournaments with a total prize pool of $400,000 USD.


Here’s how it works. As some of you may know, leaderboards will be added with Guild Wars 2’s first expansion: Heart of Thorns. One of these said leaderboards is the Guild Challenger League. At the end of a Pro League season, the lowest-ranking teams in the Pro League will have to defend their spots against the Guild Challenger teams. This gives new teams that make it to the top of the Challenger ladder a chance to get into the Pro League. This format, in addition to the format of the rotation in the image above, is very similar to the League of Legends‘ Challenger Series and Championship Series (aka LCS; the pro league): At the end of an LCS split, the lowest 3 teams in the LCS must defend their spot for next season against the top 3 teams in the Challenger scene.

The first 8 Pro League teams (per region) will be chosen in mid-November. Four teams will be chosen based on an open qualifier; the other four based on World Tournament Series placement and the October Go4GuildWars2 Cup. The season will conclude in the ESL UK studios on LAN. It will be the top two teams in North America and the top two teams in Europe facing off with a $200,000 USD prize pool to boot.

Check out the Guild Wars 2 Pro League post & PC Gamer’s interview with Colin Johanson, Joshua Davis and Steve Fowler for more. If you want to get into the Pro League, you better start practicing regularly with teammates soon!

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