Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns – First Post-Launch Legendary Weapons Revealed!


Aww yea! We finally get to see some new legendaries and learn how we can make them!

HoT Post-Launch Legendaries!

First let’s talk about the ones littered in the blog post released by Linsey Murdock today. It takes a good amount of work to create these legendaries; so rather than rush them for launch they will be released in iterations. There will be sixteen new Heart of Thorns legendaries added to the game over time but at launch there will be three. The new legendaries will become available shortly after launch, alongside raids. These legendaries are called:

  • Astralaria – Legendary Axe
  • Nevermore – Legendary Staff
  • H.O.P.E. – Legendary Pistol

You can check out some images in the gallery below. Some of you may have seen glimpses of Astralaria on the internet but that is a nice weapon. It gives off that celestial time and space vibe quite nicely. Very suitable for a Druid in Celestial Avatar form if I do say so myself. Glimpses of H.O.P.E. have been around the net as well. We can clearly see that it has an electric energy vibe to it. Very fitting to pair with Bolt for all you Thieves and Mesmers out there. Finally, we have the Raven Staff Nevermore. This is definitely in theme with Halloween as it has a Raven perched on the top of the staff when stowed. When wielded, it pulsed an ominous light blue glow in the shape of a Raven’s wing and head. Norns (that pray to Raven) and Necromancers in particular, this Staff has your name written all over it.

How Do We Make HoT Legendaries?

These legendaries are cool but how do we make them? Beyond precursor crafting, which is the only way to get a HoT precursor, there will be new items to swap in to the standard legendary receipe:

Gift of Maguuma Mastery – This gift is similar to the Gift of Mastery. You won’t require a Bloodstone Shard to make it but you’ll need to explore all of Heart of Thorns areas and need get the specified HoT materials needed to build this gift. This means you’ll need to save up on map currencies, visit every part of every HoT zone and complete all the Heart of Maguuma masteries.

Mystic Tribute – A newer version of the Gift of Fortune. You’ll need to collect trophies and mystic objects to create this gift. Trophies can be acquired from the trading post and from the map bonuses system in Central Tyria where you can perform events in a map area to gain it’s map specified rewards. Check the map section of my precursor crafting post for more.

Unique Gift associated with Legendary Weapon – This you could have seen coming. Every legendary requires a unique gift like this to be made. You’ll still need Icy Runestones and a Gift made from various materials (I assume Gift of Metal or Gift of Wood). You’ll need a specific gift that mirrors the gift you create via dungeon gifts; this specific gift will be obtainable for HoT legendaries by a large collection achievement that’s unlocked after you complete the collections and receipes associated with crafting your precursor weapon. This large 4th collection will take roughly the amount of time to complete the 3 precursor collections. You’ll also have to make a Gift of the Mists. This Gift is comprised of 3 things:

  • Gift of Battle – Purchased with Badges of Honor in WvW; earn badges by participating in WvW activities
  • Gift of Glory – Purchased with Shards of Glory in sPvP; Shards come from PvP reward tracks
  • Gift of War – Purchased with Memories of Battle in WvW; earn memories by participating in WvW activities

I can’t wait to get started making these legendaries. For me, Nevermore is up first!

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