Age’s Site Update For October 2015


Hey hey everyone, hope all is well! Here’s the site update for October:

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns is a coming! And I’m super excited. Granted the last Beta Weekend Event felt like more of a beta because a lot of things broke. This is probably due to the new systems in place. ArenaNet was able to fix quite a few, including getting people into the first raid encounter so I’m sure they’ll have stuff ready for HoT. At launch I do expect a few things to be broken but fixed within a week or two. But the release of HoT means more writeups on story and I’m extremely excited to dig into that.

League of Legends Worlds started this month and I want to do a break down of the groups stage first but oh man, Cloud 9 and Origen are really performing well and have simply blown my mind. In fact, Group B and D are the most interesting to watch! Sad news is that it ruined my Pick ‘Em choices. Just a quick note that after Worlds there will probably be a slowdown for competitive LCS writeups till the start of Season 6 where Riot like to change up a bunch of stuff.

For games of the month, my picks are Rock Band 4, Guitar Hero: Live (I want to relive my teen days a bit), Transformers: Devastation (reliving entire childhood at this point), and Tales of Zestiria (I’m a sucker for Tales games). If you’re an Xbox One owner I’d look at Halo 5: Guardians. I’d say Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is another to look at but for the past couple of years AC games have had quite a few bugs so I’d wait till those are ironed out but I’ll definitely get it down the road.

That’s all for this month! Take care and happy gaming!

– Age

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