How Guild Wars 2 Guild Hall Arenas Work


Here’s a quick summary of the blog post about guild arenas by John Corpening and Seth Chadwick.

So when you get your Guild Hall from the clutches of Mordrem holding it, you’ll be able to restore a section of the hall to create a guild arena. Once restored, this arena is a large circular area surrounded by a ring and overhead platform, both for spectators. The arena is around 75% of the Obsidian Sanctum arena.

To enter the arena you need to choose one of the team platforms where you’ll be part of a team: red, blue. Via upgrade, a third green team can be made available as well as invulnerable team and free-for-all team.

There will be a energy fence that can be toggled on to keep people in the ring or off making it more treacherous seeing that below the arena is a large drop down.

After upgrading to obtain the Arena Obstacles Coordinator NPC, you can speak to this NPC to enter the arena as a decorator and add arena specified objects to the the arena such as walls, torches etc. Normal guild hall decorations cannot be added.

You can also fight other guilds in your hall. You need to be in the guild or have someone in your party that’s in the specified guild to enter said guild hall. Up to 20 vs 20 has been tested in this respect. An upgrade for a second larger arena is in the works.

You can check out the video below to see all of this in action



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