Guild Mission Changes In A Nutshell


Yesterday, Guild Chat showed a bit of the new guild panel off and the guild area in Lion’s Arch. Game Designer McKenna Berdrow also released a blog post about it. Here are some of the points for said episode about Guild Missions:

  • There will be guild missions for all 3 modes: PvE, PvP, & WvW, each with their own dedicated mission slots
  • Missions will reward favor which is needed to level up guild halls
  • WvW and PvP guild missions will be guild centric (eg claiming and holding a fort or PvP as a guild team at take down a certain amount of players)
  • There will be progress-style missions (eg win 3 PvP conquest matches)
  • Your guild will be able to select which type of missions you’d like to play each week
  • Not selecting a mission preference will give you a mix of PvE, PvP & WvW missions plus a 10% favor bonus on mission success
  • Guild challenges and puzzles are now instanced missions; you can still ferry friends and guilds into these missions
  • Expansion day 1 guilds will have 3 missions available: one easy, one medium and one hard
  • The harder missions reward more favor
  • As the guild hall levels up, guilds will be able to purchase new mission slot upgrades
  • There will be a weekly favor cap
  • Personal rewards for PvE guild missions have been placed in personal reward chests instead of in world chests
  • Resonating shards will be part of the personal rewards
  • Most missions will now be pre-rolled – your guild will be able to see what you need to do once the mission is rolled.
  • Bounties and Trek will be random target missions – you’ll be able to see a broad perspective of what to do but will be more specific once the mission is launched

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