Engineer Elite Specialization Thoughts: The Scrapper


We’re almost there folks, only one more elite spec to go after this. This week, let’s talk about the Engineer elite specialization – the Scrapper. Game Designer Irenio Calmon-Huang shared some info with us in a blog post today. I’ll admit that Engineer is my least played profession but this elite specialization may just change that a bit. This specialization is more tank oriented and brings mechanical inventions to the fight.

Function Gyro

The Scrapper gets their function interaction augmented (by default the F key) known as Function Gyro. This gyro helps revive and rally a target downed ally or finishing a downed enemy from range!

Hammer Time!


The melee Hammer skills really promote getting into the thick of it providing you skills to survive as well as do tons of damage.

Rocket Charge (Skill 3): Dash forward and leap forward swinging your hammer at enemies after each leap. Each leap acts as a leap finisher and accumulates finisher effects for each swing making the last swing the most brutal one.

Shock Shield (Skill 4): Magnetizes your hammer to block incoming attacks applying vulnerability to nearby foes.

Thunderclap (Skill 5): Reach into the sky and ionize the area bringing forth bolts of electricity that stun enemies and deals damage over time as  well as leaves a lighting field when the skill was casted. Basically a slightly better Tempest Overload Air.

Mechanical Mechs


The Scrapper gets small flying drone units for utility skills called Gyros. Each last for a limited amount of time, exploding or destroyed by an enemy. Here’s 2 of those Gyro skills:

Purge Gyro – This unit follow you around cleansing conditions or moves to nearby allies and cleanses conditions on them every few seconds.

Sneak Gyro (Elite) – This unit provides stealth to nearby allies. The gyro unit itself remains visible.

Of course the tool belt (F1-F5) gets related skills as well:

Chemical Field (from Purge Gyro) – Use the Purge Gyro’s cartridges to create a toxic cloud of concentrated chemicals (poison field)

Detection Pulse (from Sneak Gyro) – Removes stealth from enemies in a large area. This skill is on a short recharge allowing Scrapper to get the drop on stealthed units


Of course we’ve got to go over some of these traits. Some traits have great bonuses for using certain skills, combos or having certain boons on yourself:

(Minor) Function Gyro: Gain access to the function gyro, which can be used to finish a foe or revive an ally at range.

(Minor) Decisive Renown: Successfully reviving an ally or finishing a foe grants boons to nearby allies.

(Minor) Impact Savant: The duration of your outgoing stuns is increased and the duration of stuns applied to you is decreased.

Shocking Speed: Using a leap or blast finisher in a lightning field applies super speed around you.

Recovery Matrix: Using a healing skill temporarily reduces damage you receive.

Stabilization Core: When a function gyro is activated, you and the function gyro gain stability.

Rapid Regeneration: Rapidly recover health while affected by swiftness or super speed.

Mass Momentum: Gain Power based upon your Toughness. While you are affected by stability, gain stacking might.

Expert Examination: Stunning or dazing a foe applies vulnerability and weakness to them.

Adaptive Armor: Gain stacking toughness when struck. Reduce incoming damage from conditions.

Final Salvo: Gyros create a lightning field that grants super speed upon being destroyed. Reduces recharge of gyro skills.

Perfectly Weighted: Hammer skills deal increased damage. Evading an attack grants stability.

My Thoughts?


Oh. My. Goodness. They really went in on this specialization. I really like the multi purpose tools Engineers have but these new Gyros really will be some thing else. I can’t wait to check the others out. The Function Gyro will be insanely beneficial since you can combine the range finish/revive with stealth for random stomps or rallies which will make it harder for enemies to stop you. What I really like about Function Gyro is that it has it use in WvW, PvP and PvE.

The hammer seems really good, we haven’t seen the 2nd skill and the basic attack chain but it seem pretty solid for a person who wants to assault enemies with hammer hits and stick to foes, especially with Rocket Charge and Shock Shield. Definitely can see Engineers who use pistol/shield opting for hammer for a more power oriented build.

The traits seems really good having great synergy with lighting fields, toughness and stability promoting the tankiness of this elite specialization.

We’ll find out more on Points of Interest tomorrow on Friday September 18th at noon Pacific on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel!

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