Mordrem Assaults Starting Next Week & More On Raids


Those of you that have been a bit bored waiting for the release of Heart of Thorns are in luck! Starting September 10th at 9 am Pacific to September 13th at 9 am Pacific there will be Mordrem assaults in Brisban Wildlands, Kessex Hills, and Diessa Plateau. This must be a bit of a throwback for those of you who were around for Clockwork Chaos. In this event, you’ll be earning Mordrem Blooms. You can trade these blooms in to the the Durmand Priory for some rewards. For you new players reading this it’s recommended to be at least level 18 to participate in these events.

Finally more on raids. This blog post generally detailed how raid will work and some decisions they made such as 10 man groups for raids was the perfect size for making it challenging and still offering the ability to coordinate properly. What was an interesting point in this post is that we might be using different armor sets, weapons and traits we never used before or haven’t considered in a long time for raiding which will be great considering the meta in PvE is pretty much geared towards doing damage.

Everything else about raids in the post were details I covered already so you can read about it here or watch the video below!

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