Raids Coming With Heart Of Thorns & Core Game Is Play For Free!


Today at PAX Prime 2015, ArenaNet had some news about challenging that will come with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns and the core of Guild Wars 2!


Game Director Colin Johanson was the one to share the news about raids; a blog post was released about it after the panel. The reason raids are coming is that players have been asking for truly challenging content. Here are the bullet points from the panel:

– 10 players per raid instance

– Mastery system will be tied into raiding (gliders needed for boss mechanics)

– Raid instances can contain anything event system can currently do

– Player positioning, skill combos, control, support and damage are needed; players have to really work together

– No attunement process needed to get into a raid

– ArenaNet making raids in order to allows players to play their class of preference

– The first raid comes out in a few weeks after the launch of Heart of Thorns; the first raid will have 3 wings

Colin didn’t mention this but via the raid page on the Heart of Thorns site; it says Raids will reward you with pieces to make legendary armor! Legendary armor will have the same stats as ascended armor but legendary armor will have swappable on-the-fly stats like legendary weapons.


Core Guild Wars 2 Game Is Play For Free

ArenaNet President and GW2 Executive Producer Mike O’Brien came out afterwards to share some more news. The core Guild Wars 2 game is Play For Free for everyone as of this post; a blog post was released about it after the panel. To combat the abuse ArenaNet are adding some restrictions. Here are a few of them:

– Less bank and character slots

– No map wide chat; whispers to a new person every 30 seconds

– No mailing to random players (has to be mutual friends); can’t send gold or items

– Level 60 requirement for WvW

– No daily login bonus

You can check the account type FAQ page to find out about all the restrictions!

Free Royal Guard Outfit!


Also, current GW2 players will receive a Royal Guard outfit later this week as thanks!

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