LCS 2015 Summer Finals: Who’ll Win?


It’s been a while since I’ve published a League of Legends post so we’re going to talk about finals! EU and NA are shaping up to be very good as the fight for 3rd place will happen between Unicorns of Love vs H2K and Team Liquid vs Team Impulse. Then on Sunday we have the big matches everyone is hyped for. The fight for 1st place: Fnatic vs Origen and TSM vs CLG.

3rd Place Matches

So for Europe, I have to give 3rd place more into H2K’s favor. They’ve been looking off all split but I believe that they have what it takes to win versus Unicorns of Love. I will say though that if PowerOfEvil or Visicachi carries hard, then Unicorns have a good chance to win.

In NA, I’d give 3rd place to Team Liquid. Keep in mind that Team Impulse’s mid laner XiaoWeiXiao is out. Yes I’ll admit Rush is really good and  Apollo can carry but I feel that Liquid overall are a better team. Liquid just have to make sure they don’t make silly mistakes.


I’m leaning towards Fnatic to win the split. A lot of people will and I can’t blame them. Fnatic just look so good right now. Every single member of that team is great in their role. Not to mention that they haven’t lost all split long. However, if anyone in EU can beat them it’ll be Origen.

In NA, I think it’l be close but I think TSM has an edge over CLG. It really depends how the Rush Hour lane performs and if Xmithie can have a good time in games. On the flip side, it could go CLG’s way if Dyrus gets harassed a lot and can’t do anything. Same can be said for Bjergsen.

I do know that it’s going to be an interesting weekend to see who’ll be crowned champs in both regions.

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