Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 9


Europe Week 9

So a big congrats to Fnatic who went 18-0 in the season. I think most of the games went as expected but a big upset was the first game between Copenhagen Wolves and ROCCAT where the Wolves won it out.

Not much else to say as the standings pretty much played out as expected.

North America Week 9

Well it was interesting to see who would grab the first spot heading into playoffs and it looks like Team Liquid came out on top. Liquid played a hell of a game versus Team Impulse in order to go into a tiebreaker between themselves and CLG.

TDK surprised a lot of people going 2-0 beating Cloud 9 and Gravity. It’s a real shame they finished last; I feel they could have done way better if they had their full roster from the start. Cloud 9 is another team that could have done better. They stay in the LCS with their 7th spot finish but could have done better if Meteos was swapped out earlier.

Gravity sadly lost their 2 games giving up a chance to stay first.

Looking Forward To In Playoffs

So seeing the bracket play out, it’s Unicorns vs ROCCAT and H2K vs Giants Gaming for Semi-finals. I’d say Unicorns and H2K will win their respective best of 5. If so, then Fnatic would play Unicorns and H2K would play Origen. I’d give it to Fnatic and Origen. Finally, I’d give the finals to Fnatic.

This bracket is very interesting. There’s Team Impulse vs Team Dignitas which I think Impulse can take. Then there’s Gravity versus TSM. I honestly have no idea who’ll win this. If TSM can get past the random picks Gravity pulls out then they’ll win. Next up is Team Liquid vs TSM/Gravity and Team Impulse vs CLG. I don’t know who’ll win here either. Not knowing actually makes it way more interesting to watch the games and see how it all pans out.

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