Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 8


Europe Spring Week 8

Fnatic still not shaken in Week 8 going 2-0 as they try out new picks. What was interesting is that it felt that they cleaned up a bit on their gameplay as a result. Origen sits nicely in 2nd going 1-1 losing to Gambit Gaming. H2K looks to be in an odd spot. They sit in 3rd but aren’t playing as the strong team we saw earlier in the split. They went 1-1 losing to Copenhagen Wolves which is very surprising. It may have been because Shook on the Wolves went Elise and got a lot of cocoon stuns in.

The team in the middle of the pack, aka Unicorns of Love, ROCCAT, Gambit Gaming and Giants Gaming have good an bad days it seems. In Gambit’s case, and I sound like a broken record at this point, if Diamond and Gosu aren’t doing weel, then it’s likely that they’ll lose. In Unicorns case, they collectively need to play better and they did in their last game.

In the Wolves and SK Gaming’s case, they seem to be playing better due to not having pressure for getting into playoffs.

North America Spring Week 8

Well CLG is in better form going 2-0 versus Team Liquid and Cloud 9. Versus Liquid is was more clean though. Impulse actually ninja-ed some wins going 2-0 and is in contention for 1st place alongside CLG.

Tam Liquid and Team Solo Mid looks like they both off their game a bit. Not sure what it is in TSM’s case but I know that Liquid’s Fenix didn’t get to play Azir vs CLG. For the bottom half of the board, it seems Cloud 9 and Team 8 are battling to see who will play in relegation and who’ll be just in that void 7th spot. With 7th place you stay in LCS for next split but don’t go into playoffs either.

Gravity, who surprised a lot of people staying in first for the last 2 weeks, actually dropped a game this week going 1-1 but is still in 1st place. If they go 2-0 in week 9, they secure themselves 1st place. That’ll be hard since one of those games is vs Team Impulse.

Looking Forward To In Week 9

In Week 9, for Europe I want to see who will make the bottom 3 spots for playoffs. There’s still a chance for 4-5 teams to get in. In North America, the playoff spots have been taken but 1st place hasn’t been secured just yet. Who’ll get it? I have no idea at this point.

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