Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 7


Europe Spring Week 7

Fnatic is still unstoppable as they went 2-0 yet again against H2K and Origen, the two strongest teams after Fnatic. This makes me think they could go undefeated in the entire split (minus playoffs). However, Fnatic did have to come back from behind in their games for the win. In H2K’s case, they were going to win but lost the final team fight. They did something similar in their game versus ROCCAT which makes me think that they’re having some problems closing out games as of late.

Unicorns of Love are steadly getting better. They went 2-0 but had a bit of an even matchup versus Elements. ROCCAT and Gambit Gaming went 1-0  and are still in the running for a playoff spot. Elements is the only team I can see grabbing that spot otherwise. Giants Gaming are sitting in a pretty good spot in 4th considering the competition.

SK Gaming could sneak into 6th place but they’d have to work hard for it considering the rest of their matches are against stronger teams. The Copenhagen Wolves are sadly looking like they’re going to finish last. I just can’t seen their new roster doing well in the weeks left.

North America Spring Week 7

Ahh NA, you cease to amaze me this split. This week’s surprise is that TSM went 0-2 in the week versus Team Liquid & Team 8. In both games, the ADCs just owned TSM. Not to mention Fenix on Azir. Which leads me to the question: why is no one pick/banning Azir away from Fenix? He went 8/2/6 and 7/1/9 versus TSM and TDK respectably. Really surprised no one’s respecting Fenix on Azir. CLG went 2-0 but against the lowest ranked teams. So a bit fo a pickup for them but not something to be very happy about as they need to get their act together for the stronger teams.

Team Impulse started ninja-ing wins and went 2-0 in the week versus Dignitas and Team 8. Dignitas is a bit of a rut losing to I pulse and a Cloud 9 who’s looking way better. Cloud 9 is just looking to finish in a good spot which is most likely between 6th and 8th if they perform better each game. TDK is not racking up wins so it looks like the comebacks won’t be real. Enemy eSports will probably get relegated and is probably looking for more experience in order to face relegation with a strong background.

Man, I knew Gravity was ninja-ing wins a few weeks back but now they’ve just exploded. Gravity is sitting pretty in 1st going 2-0 in the week as well and have 2 arguably hard matches and 2 easy matches left. Gravity could upset the entire region and finish the split first for once! Man that would just be epic.

Looking Forward To In Week 8

In EU the one game I find that will be interesting  will be Giants Gaming vs H2K. A runner up would be the Fnatic games. It’ll be intersting to see if Elements or ROCCAT can take a game off Fnatic. In NA, we have Team Impulse vs TSM and CLG vs Team Liquid; those games will be fun to watch.

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