Revenant Thoughts: Dual Swords & Shiro Legend


Game Designer Roy Cronacher is back with a new blog post on another Legend the Revenant can channel: Shiro Tagachi! In short, Shiro was the major assassin-like villian in the Guild Wars: Factions campaign and is also seen in the Nightfall campaign. He duel wielded blades and was a very powerful fighter. You can get a grasp of how Shiro fights in this video. Check out the GW Wiki for more if you don’t mind Factions spoilers.

Dual Swords?!

That’s right folks, Shiro Duel wielded blades. To capture the feel of being Shiro, Revenants can equip a sword in their main hand and offhand. The dual swords are themed to have quick weapon attacks in order to capture that high mobility assassin playstyle. Here are some of the skills from the dual sword weapon set:

  • Rift Slash (3rd basic attack) – “Slash foes, creating a rift on them that explodes for additional damage after a short delay.”
  • Precision Strike – “Strike nearby foes with precision, sending out blades that damage and chill them.” – this appears to be a medium ranged attack
  • Unrelenting Assault – “Unleash a fierce attack on nearby foes, shadowstepping to foes in the vicinity and delivering strikes. Gain might each time you strike a foe.” aka this from the announcement trailer

Shiro Legend

Now for the legend itself. Keeping with the high mobility playstyle, here are some of the utility skills:

  • Enchanted Daggers – “Enchanted daggers will strike your target as you attack, siphoning life from the damaged foe.” – This basically acts like a Thief’s Signet of Malice passive but probably more powerful and you have to activate it first.
  • Phase Traversal – “Step through the Mists to your target, and make your next few attacks unblockable.” – basically shadowstep to a foe and have a few unblockable attacks.
  • Jade Winds – “Call upon the Jade Wind to turn nearby enemies into jade, stunning them for a short duration.” – after a small channel, turn nearby enemies into Jade for a short duration.

My Thoughts?

I really like this Legend. It speaks to my assassin playstyle which I like to play in games. I haven’t mad a post on this yet but the Revenant as of last weekend’s Revenant play test currently suffers from 2 things:

  1. Lack of damage
  2. Ranged skills when not using the hammer

This Shiro legend definitely seems to make up for the lack of damage but it looks like there might still be a problem with lack of ranged skills. However, maybe Sword/Axe is the solution for the range problem. This weapon set seems to carry a lot of chase potential and a bit of range provided Precision Strike is a main hand sword skill. Also, it’ll be interesting when mixing Mace/Sword into the equation. The mace provides a lot of conditions and offhand sword could provide enough damage for a good balance. We’ll have to see when we get another weekend to test the Revenant out again.

Of course, we’ll get a preview of Shiro on Points of Interest tomorrow on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel at noon Pacific. We’ll also get a preview of the upcoming WvW event: Golem Rush!

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