It’s Adventure Time: Guild Wars 2 Adventures As Static Content

Verdant Brink

Game Designer Byron Miller published a blog post about adventures. Byron talks about where adventures are and where they want to be when Heart of Thorns comes out.

What Current Static Content Lacks

So the blog post talks about the current static content like skill challenges, jumping puzzles and so on had a few problems. Some, like skill challenges, lack replayability. Content that did have replayability lacked replay value; unless a content patch made us revisit the area. Finally there was a limit on social interaction because the content was limited in terms of the world and story.

How Adventures Brings A Change

Adventures are the solution to what static content lacks. Adventures requires a player to move around an area in order to complete a task. For example, an adventure described in the blog post is to shoot dummies that noblemen have setup. The interesting part is that the rifle you get has limited ammo. You’ll have to find some as your ammo depletes or be rewarded with some by noblemen when you get good precision shots. Note that other players shouldn’t be a problem when doing an adventure. Any adventures where monsters are concerned will be instanced.

In terms of replayability, adventures entice you to get a better score for better daily rewards depending on the tier you finish (gold/silver/bronze) which leads me to leaderboards. There’s a leaderboard for each adventure in the world to promote social interaction.

My Thoughts On Adventures

I think Adventures are great side content that players can do in their down time. For players that want something to do on a daily basis, this might work for them. We also get daily rewards for achieving a high score for an adventure, which is not easy to do on your first try. Adventures also promote thinking on the best way to get through to maximize my score which leads to inventive ways on beating the content.

Finally, and I think it’s worth saying, adventures are legitimately challenging. The first adventure I ever tried, it took me a few runs to get a bronze reward. I felt compelled to keep trying to get a higher tier. That’s good, it means the content will make players want to come back time and time again to get a better rank than their best until they hit the top or a satisfactory rank.

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