Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 6


Europe Spring Week 6

Fnatic went 2-0 in the week; though they had a bit of trouble with Giants Gaming. In fact, Fnatic actually looked like they could lose the match to Giants. Giants looks really good right now and are definite contenders for a playoff spot. ROCCAT looks a lot better an could make playoffs as well. In an interesting turn on events, Origen actually went 1-1 losing a game versus Unicorns of Love. A much needed win for the squad as they aren’t performing well in these best of one games as of late.

Now, I put Gambit out of the race for playoffs but they’re sitting in 5th with ROCCAT and Unicorns. They might be able to scrap by. Possibly Elements too. SK Gaming I can’t see a massive comeback.

The new Copenhagen Wolves line up isn’t working right now which was highly expected due to the team not doing well in the first place.

North America Spring Week 6

Man, NA is special this split. Let’s start with CLG. Once again, they are on a downward spiral in the 2nd half of a split. I really have no idea why this happens pretty much every time. Nerves? Too much thoughts of “this is 2nd half of split, I gotta do well”? I really don’t know. I even see misplays that could have resulted in kills or straight up giving a free kill. They just need to chill, play their game like in the first half and it’ll be fine.

TSM went 1-1 losing to Gravity who went 2-0 and made them tie with TSM for first place. Might be weird for the team given they’ve started swapping WildTurtle & Keith every now and then.

Cloud 9 went 0-2 but looked way better then previous weeks with Hai as the jungler. TDK went 0-2 but again, looked better than previous weeks. Imagine if these team had these rosters earlier, the split could be very different.

Those are the significant things in NA as the rest of the teams won and lost games as a majority of people though the games would turn out.

Looking Forward To In Week 7

In EU, Origen games will be good. They’ll be playing versus Giants and Fnatic. H2K vs Fnatic will be good as well. In NA, TSM vs Team Liquid is the game to look out for especially wondering which ADC TSM will go with for this game.

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