Age’s Site Update For July 2015


Greetings everyone! It’s that time of the month again! Here’s the site update for July!

Guild Wars 2 news will always be coming as long as those weekly blog post keep coming. Still hoping we get that “challenging content” post soon because we know of pretty much everything else and it’s kind of important to know at this point. I’m also dying to know what the elite spec for Thieves are at this point too. The GW2 programming project I’m working on is doing well. I can safely say the project is categorized in 6 parts. The first part is done. The second part is nearly done and the third will be a cake walk due to talking elements from the second part. At this point, I’ll probably be ready to show it off in the Fall.

League of Legends weekly LCS writeups are still going. You may have noticed that they’ve been going up prior to the new week of LCS starting (either Wednesday or Thursday). This was to try a new posting day and it seems alright so I’ll probably stick with it for now. Also, Season 5 Top and Jungler guides are being worked on, sorry they’re not out yet. They’ll be released sometime next week. By the way, I don’t play Gnar but there’s a Gentleman Gnar skin (image above) coming out soon and I’m buying it hands down. It’s so adorable it hurts.

For games of the month nothing really peeked my interest. There’s the God of War III Remastered for PS4 but that’s about it.

That’s concludes the news for this month. As always, take care and happy gaming!


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