Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 5


Europe Spring Week 5

To start this off, I’m going to talk about teams on a downward spiral. Copenhagen Wolves and Gambit Gaming. The Wolves swapped their roster around a bit. With new faces coming in, they would pretty much have to win at least half their games to get into playoffs and I don’t see that happening. Next is Gambit Gaming. The miracle surge of last split I feel won’t come in this time around. Like I said last post, Diamond and Gosu need to put on their carry pants like the rest of the team but Diamond has not been performing well. I don’t see Gambit making it to playoffs.

Now let’s talk surprising teams. ROCCAT was able to go 2-0 winning against the Wolves and surprisingly the Unicorns of Love. The Unicorns surprisingly went 0-2 against Giants Gaming and ROCCAT. Another surprise was that H2K lost to SK Gaming. SK wasn’t looking as strong this split but H2K got pretty handled in that match.

Now let’s talk sleepers. Elements went 2-0 but against mid tier teams it’s hard to say if they’re improving. Giants Gaming, it’s hard to say where they stand. They’re definitely better and might make it to playoffs but it’s hard to see if they’ll get beyond that.

Naturally, Origen and Fnatic did well and went 2-0.

North America Spring Week 5

Again, let’s talk downward spiral teams. Starting with Cloud 9. If it wasn’t apparent how the team would do without Hai, it is this split. I haven’t seen a team so demoralized before. They’re definitely not making playoffs this time around and if they do, I fear it wouldn’t be a good series for them. Team 8 and Enemy Esports to me just don’t look like teams that can bring a challenge to the upper half of the board. Dignitas I wouldn’t fit in here but I still feel that if they can’t punish, they can’t win. Team Impulse I wouldn’t fit in here either; rather they feel like a mid tier team that are finding their style.

Surprising teams this week starts with CLG. Xsmithie was not a presence to worry about and even gave up first blood in both games due to very poor decisions. There were also some bad decisions made by CLG as a whole (Fenix Quadra Kill when 4 half health CLG members tried to dive Fenix as Azir, under Azir turret, with all spells up).

Sleepers are Team Dragon Knights. They finally have their full roster and got a win last week against Dignitas. I need to see more games but if they keep up the hard work, they may have a chance for playoffs. It’ll be really close though. Gravity is a team doing well but keeping under the radar going 2-0 against Team Impulse and Team Liquid.

Naturally, TSM went 2-0 but will be using Keith instead of WildTurtle in Saturday’s game next week.

Looking Forward To In Week 6

In EU, we’ll see if Fnatic can keep up their win streak vs Giants Gaming and Copenhagen Wolves. Unicorns of Love have tough games vs Origen and H2K so we’ll see how those shape out. In NA, I want to see what TDK can do and see if C9 can get some wins. I also want to see if CLG are doing their usual lose a bunch a games in the 2nd half of the split like what happened last split.

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