Guild Wars 2 & The New Lion’s Arch


Along with the changes to combat, the new Lion’s Arch is in! It’s quite a sight to behold!

The new city beams of a coastal theme with it’s Octopus bank area and the Lobster port. The actual city-like structures are quite impressive as they look similar to Divinity’s Reach’s design. Finally, there’s that lighthouse. The ambiance vibes it gives off makes me feel it’ll play part in future living story.

Role Playing Areas

If you look around, there are some cool areas where players can RP. The most noticeable one is the Gardens on the East side of LA where in-game RP weddings have been taking place. Another RP area is a stage at the Crow’s Nest Tavern. Players can put on performances and from time to time, Tyrian Direction, the NPC boy band, comes on to do a show.

New Jumping Puzzle

There’s a new jumping puzzle in LA that makes you feel like you’re in Assassin’s Creed. We run over roof tops and become acrobats walking on tightropes to proceed through to get to 4 hidden stashes before finally being able to get to the chest at the end of the puzzle. If you plan to finish it from start to the end, make sure you have at least an hour or two.

Centralized Asura Gates

Basically, major city and the Southsun Asura Gates are grouped together in one location and all the other Asura Gates for fractals, sPvP and WvW are in another location. Makes life much more easy.

There are plenty of places I like viewing but you should definitely check them out for yourselves. I would like a Trading Post and a merchant directly inbetween the bank and crafting stations though. Maybe ArenaNet can keep it in mind if they destroy Lion’s Arch in the future.

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