Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 4


Europe Spring Week 4

We’re going to start with Giants Gaming this week. They went 0-2 in the week versus Gambit Gaming and H2K. H2K has been solid during the split losing only one game. However, Gambit Gaming were on the rise so the matchup could have gone either way. Sadly Werlyb had a bad week losing hard to Cabochard. Versus H2K he had more presence on Ekko but the team comp didn’t have a decent frontline which is why they probably lost. Giants obviously needs to work on their comps a bit more and Werlyb needs to try to survive the early game while farming. It’s easy to say but hard to do these days.

Next up is Copenhagen Wolves. They faced Fnatic and H2K so you know a lot of people are thinking 0-2. Which is pretty much what happened. The Wolves got crushed vs H2K from the start. They had a fluctuating gold lead with Fnatic but then a team fight happens and Fnatic got a tons of kills and a lot of turrets following afterwards in the next 5 -10 minutes. Hard to say what the Wolves did wrong when the game is looking really bad for them at 20 minutes. They may pick fights that aren’t in their favor or try to make plays to come back and it bites them.

SK Gaming is a weird story. They went 2-0 which is great but their first game against Unicorns of Love was a pretty ugly sight. SK was losing the entire game until the got a good fight and rushed the Nexus down. Not the type of game you’d be happy with as a pro player. The next game against ROCCAT they played really well. They went back to the turret game and got global gold early. They used this to increase their lead for a convincing win.

ROCCAT went 0-2 this week. Versus SK they just couldn’t keep up with the rotations and against Elements they actually went pretty even but Elements’ team had the better team fight.

Alright, Gambit Gaming. We covered vs Giants but against Unicorns of Love they fell flat. They were losing slightly but then it went bad when Forgiven was sent to push bottom solo and Unicorns made a play for Baron, got Baron and pushed top to inhibitor getting some kills in the process. Unicorns won this game but lost against SK due to a bad team fight so they really just need to make sure they keep up what they’re doing in addition to working on polishing their teamfighting.

H2K as I covered are pretty solid and pulling out strong wins against the lower teams of the Wolves and Giants. This is good as they took their games seriously and won very convincingly. Fnatic and Origen. What can I say? Are probably the best 2 teams in the EU LCS right now; H2K arguably better than Origen. Fnatic vs Origen would should who was the stronger of the two and Fnatic pulled out on top. Ultimately it was Fnatic who won out. Fnatic had the better team engages and disengages which at times turned back into reengages.

North America Spring Week 4

NA I’m starting with Dignitas. I really don’t know what to say. They’re currently sharing 2nd place and went 2-0 versus Team Liquid and Team Impulse but it’s really due to their insanely high skill of punishing a bad decision a team makes. These ultimately lead to their wins. Grant you I’ll give it to them that they have what it takes to find and abuse a mistake a team makes to it’s highest limitations. Most teams are either stuggling or have someone carrying so NA teams do have mistakes in their games. I really would like to see if Dignitas make it to worlds if they can play this style against the Asian team who make very few mistakes if any. I think the credit goes to Helios for these calls in the end. I will give credit to Shiphtur and Gamsu for their play though.

Team Impulse is, to me, a mid tier team. Mostly due to the significant chaos they bring which leads to death at times. Versus Enemy Esports Impact and XiaoWeiXiao died too much in my opinion. Speaking of Enemy Esports, they took a game off Cloud 9. They legitimately got ahead and beat C9 at almost every step of the game.

Let’s talk Dragon Knights. They may be a sub squad but they’re learning. They lost to Team 8 and CLG but they made them work for their wins. Was kind of impressed to be honest. Team is is playing with a sub mid after all. They did lose to Gravity but BunnyFuFu was hitting 85% of his hooks on Thresh. Gravity versus TSM proved to be more difficult though. Altec really stepped up this week as well on Vayne and Tristana.

Team Liquid went 0-2 versus TSM and Dignitas. Both of these team shut down Quas enough to significantly reduce his carry potential. Quas has been carrying Liquid a lot and teams are starting to see that. This essentially means that Fenix and Piglet need to pick up the slack when Quas doesn’t have his OP carry potential.

Cloud 9 is still struggling and I’m thinking that we won’t see them at Worlds at this rate. Their shot calling has improved a bit but not enough. TSM is another team that is struggling. Not as much since they went 2-0 versus Gravity and Team Liquid but Wildturtle is getting caught out of position too much lately and Bjergsen has been getting caught out a bit on Azir. Granted it’s a hard champion to play and he recently picked up the champion so I guess playing Azir in high tier play. So this will result in some out-of-position deaths.

CLG. Damn. They’re at the top of the table beating TDK and a struggling C9 but it seems that they are in a good state and plan to keep it that way. I hope they continue the good performance and don’t let the stress get to them.

Looking Forward To In Week 5

In EU, the H2K  games vs Fnatic and SK Gaming will be ones to watch out for. In NA, the CLG matches are the ones to watch out for vs Team Liquid and TSM. Will be some good games to see if anyone can get dethroned from 1st place.

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