Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 2 & 3


I honestly thought I had a Week 2 post up but I couldn’t find it so I guess not. Apologies about that, E3 prep and working hard during the conferences takes a toll but it’s no excuse to keep up on the stuff I put out. Going to rectify missing last week by talking about Week 3 but use Week 2 as a reference.

Europe Spring Week 3

Let’s start with Fnatic. They are the most solid team in the EU LCS right now. Have not lost yet. Went even against ROCCAT and pretty much owned Gambit Gaming last week as well as Elements and Giants Gaming. I really had no doubt that Fnatic would have a hard time versus Elements and Giants Gaming. Quite honestly, out of the four teams Fnatic faced recently, I thought ROCCAT had the best chance to beat them.

Elements are in a terrible state right now losing their last four game. I really thing the mistake Froggen made was replacing everyone on the team. Granted he may have needed to replace the bottom lane if Rekkles and Krepo left the team, but I feel that the team was fine and just needed to work out the kinks. I really can’t see a surge in performance from them.

With Gambit Gaming, they’re like an X-factor. Last split they started terribly then ended up in 4th place if I recall. This split it could happen again. Week 2, they lost both games but won both games in Week 3, one

Unicorns of Love I think are in an odd spot given the current state of the teams. They’re currently 5th behind Giants Gaming by one game which is odd to see. Speaking of Giants Gaming, they’re a bit of a dark horse. They have a chance to beat the top 3: Fnatic, Origen and H2K and can beat every other team.

ROCCAT and the Copenhagen Wolves are teams I want to see do well. Every split I feel both teams have the capacity to do well but it doesn’t show throughout the split.

Origen and H2K are teams that are doing well.  Oddly enough, Origen dropped a game to ROCCAT and ROCCAT won that game quite convincingly.

North America Spring Week 3

NA is in the weirdest state right now. We have CLG and Team Liquid at the top of the table dropping only one game so far. CLG really looks way better with Pobelter in mid and I definitely have to say Trick2g is helping the team out. This CLG team is pretty much the best it’s been in a while. Now the question is: can they keep up the consistency? They started to dive last split so we’ll see how it goes this time around. Liquid drop a game last week to Gravity but won both games this week versus Cloud 9 and Team Impulse. I really have to say that Quas and Dominate have been carrying hard these past few weeks.

Dignitas I are in 3rd but I’m still not really convinced. Granted they have a new jungler but they had a good Week 2 going 2-0 vs Team 8 and TDK but went 1-1 winning against TSM. In that game, TSM were playing horribly in my opinion with poor team engages and some bad calls; Dignitas capitalized on these for the win. Dignitas lost against Gravity and pretty much got owned. Gravity I have to say is doing pretty well. They went 2-0 last week vs Cloud 9 and Liquid but went 1-1 losing to CLG. Team Impulse feels like in the same spot as last year so I don’t really ahve much to say on that.

C9 and TSM are teams that you just don’t expect to be this down. Well, Cloud 9 was sitting low at this point last year but it makes a bit more sense for them due to swapping Hai out for Incarnation which means they lost their main shot caller and mid laner who quite honestly fared just fine by surviving the early game. TSM, quite honestly looks sloppy in the past few games. Which is really weird because it’s the same roster as last split and they did fairly well last split. They really need to work on their positioning, especially with Bjergsen and Wildturtle always being upfront and getting caught out.

Team 8 keeps on getting dumped in games and most of the time everyone on the team has a negative score. Especially Nien and Slooshi but Slooshi had some sort of family issue that popped up so that could affect his play somewhat because he’ll be away in Week 4 to handle said issue. Enemy Esports isn’t having a good showing winning only one of their last 4 games against TDK. I will say that it was close vs Team 8 and gave CLG  a bit of problems. We’ll see how they do. TDK really, REALLY needs their main roster. They lost all their games so far and it’s not looking good for them at this rate.

Oddly enough, most of the mid teams have a chance to move way up in the standing by winning 2 games.

Looking Forward To In Week 4

In EU, Origen vs Fnatic is going to be epic to watch since some old members of Fnatic (Xpeke and Soaz) are facing off against YellowStar and the new Fnatic.

In NA, Team Liquid vs TSM and CLG vs Cloud 9 will be interesting tests because, right now, Liquid and CLG seem like they’ll win.

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