Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns – Pre-purchase Now Available!

I had a feeling pre-purchase news would pop up when I heard Guild Wars 2 had a segment at the E3 PC Gaming Show; but to be able to buy it right after Game Director Colin Johanson finished talking in his segment was the best news of the night for me! You can buy Heart of Thorns at Guild Wars 2‘s purchase page or in-game via the Gem Store. Pre-purchasing will grant you an exclusive title and access to all Heart of Thorns beta weekend events.

When buying Heart of Thorns, there are 3 expansion options to choose from; each option has the standard edition of Guild Wars 2 attached (which new players can dive into right away before HoT comes out) when you buy any of the following:

  • Standard ($49.99 USD) – You get access to the Heart of Thorns expansion when it launches
  • Deluxe ($74.99 USD) – Everything in Standard plus an additional character slot, a Mini Revenant Rytlock, a Revenant Finisher, a Mordremoth’s Bane Guild Hall Decoration (choose between a Charrcopter, a Mordrem vine wall, or a Wyvern head), and a Heart of Thorns Glider Skin
  • Ultimate ($99.99 USD) – Everything in Deluxe plus 4000 Gems ($50 USD value)

In addition to the above, if you’ve had Guild Wars 2 between launch and January 23rd, 2015 you are considered a veteran player and will get a free character slot!



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