Guild Wars 2 Final Core Specializations, Conditions & More!


Oh man. Well, while I was covering E3 stuff all day Monday, I missed the livestream of the Guild Wars 2 Core Specialization changes and condition changes. However, I did check out the notes Competitive Events Manager Josh Davis kindly spent his time compiling and posting on the forums. The list is WAY too long to put in this post. I’ll link it here so you can view the profession(s) of your choice.

I’ve taken a general look at the changes at it seems like some professions got some really good buffs or some nerfs to one or two aspects.

The class I worry about the most is Necromancer. It seems Necromancer is the same in most aspects with the Core Specializations which could still pose a problem for the class since the class isn’t too good right now. Ranger has some really good changes in my opinion but I hear that some Rangers aren’t too happy with some of the changes. Guardians got hit boon wise. No getting around that. Engineers I feel are in a weird place of good and bad. It depends on the play style you had and how the changes affect you I guess. All the other classes feel the same or feel stronger.

I’m still covering E3 on Tuesday but I’ll try to post a deeper analysis of the profession reworks later this week.

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