Guild Wars 2 Combat Changes: Conditions & Movement Speed


Game Designer Roy Cronacher has returned to share the changes to conditions and movement speed. Some you may know, some you may not have known. So let’s break it all down.

The Condition Problem Now

So the problem with conditions now: is that stacks of intensity max out at 25 which is fine for small group. However, for larger groups like boss fights, applying your stack of bleed would prove to be difficult given just a few players can easily have an upkeep of 25 stacks of bleeding leaving you not being able to do your condition damage.

Everyone Can Apply Conditions!

In order to solve the conditions problem, stack size for intensity conditions are being increased to a larger number. The new stack size hasn’t been determined yet but it should allow players to have their conditions applied in large groups such as boss fights. Condition removal will work the way it does now (it will still remove the entire stack).


So you’re probably thinking “jeez, now condition damage will be all the rage”. Well not necessarily. With the large stacks of conditions means a downscale in the damage over time it brings. Right now, conditions are pretty good even without investing into condition damage so it’d be pretty ridiculous if ArenaNet released a larger max condition stack and didn’t scale the damage back.

Right now, the plan is to lower the base damage conditions and revise the damage formulas in order to promote building into condition damage to do better condition damage in a way that players would see a difference.

Burning, Poison, Confusion & Vulnerability

Some of you may know this but burning and poison are going to be intensity stacking conditions. Of course the damage formula for each will be fixed for this change. Also, poison will apply it’s health degen effect (-33% on healing/healing effects) on the first stack. Further stacks will apply only the damage part.

Confusion is getting a bit of a fix. Right now it can be effective versus a high attack based player but can feel useless again slow attacking bosses. In order to find a suitable middle ground, confusion is getting less damage when the enemy attacks but will have more damage over time to compensate.

Vulnerability is getting a bit of a change as well. Right now it increases direct damage to a foe (1% per stack up to 25 stacks).  In order to not leave condition damage player out, vulnerability is going to increase damage for direct and condition damage.

Movement Speed

When in combat, movement speed actually affects certain leap skills (like Savage Leap or Leap of Faith). When sped up you’d go farther with your leap skill but if chilled you’d leap less of a gap. These skills have been normalized so that any increase or decrease in speed will not affect the distance the leap skills are suppose to have.

My Thoughts

Well ArenaNet is definitely promoting the use of condition builds by providing more enticing means to have a condition based build. ArenaNet are also making damage in large scale fights have more of an effect for each player by letting everyone apply their condition damage.

Movement speed stuff I really don’t have a strong opinion on since I main thief in which I use mostly shadowsteps. I’ve seen people split on this issue. I can see why it’s good for professions with a lot of leaps like Warriors but I can see why it’s bad for professions with chills like Necromancers.

It will be interesting to see if more condition builds will come out given we’re in the Berserker meta right now. I guess we’ll have to see if a condition stat combo will be just as effective as a Berserker based build. I’m also wondering how these changes will affect sPvP. It’ll be a very interesting time.

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