Guild Wars 2: Account Wallet Updates


Game Designer Matthew Pennebaker shared today upcoming changes to the wallet. Here’s a breakdown for you:

  • Wallet will be a button in the inventory panel. Clicking on the button will toggle the inventory view to the wallet view.
  • The wallet is more compact with a search filter
  • Hovering over a currency will display more details
  • Clicking certain currencies will have extra functionality. Example: clicking gems will open the Gem Store, a dungeon token will show you where the dungeon entrance is.
  • Currencies visible at the bottom of your inventory will change depending where you are. Example: in Fractals you’ll see fractal relics. In WvW, you’ll see badges of honor.
  • The following will be added to the wallet: Pristine Fractal Relics, WvW Tournament Claim Tickets, Geodes, Bandit Crests. You’ll need to log into each character (if they have any of these items) to automatically add these items to the wallet
  • The wallet will hold the new skill point currency: Spirit Shards. You’ll need to log into each character (if they have any skill points) to automatically add spirit shards to the wallet

Let’s Talk Spirit Shards

Alright so, for those who don’t know, skill points are being converted into two things. For skills point you can unlock in the world or by leveling up (to 80), they are being turned into Hero Points which is used for unlocking skills in the Profession Reward Track which will probably be coming with the core specializations in the next content update. All other sources of skill points like skill point items and any excess skill points you have will be converted or associated with a new currency called Spirit Shards.

Spirit Shards serve the purpose that skill points have now: buying skill point related items such as philosopher stones of Bloodstone shards. You can’t gain spirit shards by leveling post 80 like we can now with skill points. However, these are the ways you can earn Spirit Shards:

  • Tomes of Knowledge after you’ve hit 80 (Tomes will still level you up if you’re not 80)
  • Writs of Experience can only be used by non-level 80s but 20 Writs of Experience can be exchanged to Miyani for one Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrolls of Knowledge you have will be converted into Spirit Shards and any sources that granted Scrolls of Knowledge will grant Spirit Shards instead
  • Players will be able to loot Spirit Shards off of monsters

My Thoughts on the Wallet Changes

I honestly like the changes. To be honest I’ll like any changes that will make my inventory less packed. With the new wallet, I don’t have to worry about exchanging geodes or bandit crests between characters and the fact ArenaNet are adding WvW reward tickets into the wallet means that there’s more WvW tournaments to come.

For the spirit shards, I like the transition they’re making. I was honestly wondering how tomes and writs would work when the new system becomes live. It’s feels pretty much the same and right now I think you’ll pretty much earn spirit shards at the same rate you earn skill points now so very happy about that. Another reason why I’m happy about it is because skill points are character bound and earning 200 skill points for a Bloodstone Shard is a bit tedious unless you’re Silverwastes farming. With this system, you can play any character you want and not worry about things like that.

Very interested in trying out the new wallet and seeing how many spirit shards I gain from my normal play time!

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