Age’s Site Update For June 2015


Hey all! Here’s the site update for June!

Guild Wars 2 news is still consistent. This week was more on the Revenant with melee staff and the Ventari Legend stance. The GW2 programming project is coming along well. The first part of it is nearly done and the second part I’m working out the kinks. Once I get those two done, I feel the rest will come much more easily. Hopefully I will have something to show at the end of this month. Still want to keep people in the dark about it (sorry!), but in short I’m very happy with the progress so far.

League of Legends weekly LCS writeups have begun again. So be sure to check back weekly for those. Season 5 guides have started up as well. Part 1, 2 and 3 covering basic knowledge, toxicity and summoner’s rift have all been released with the rest of the guides (Support, ADC, Top, Mid, Jungler) will come in the following week or two.

I figured I’d add a games to look out for in these monthly updates. I forgot to mention Splatoon last month but that looks like a fun game to pick up. Witcher 3 and Magicka 2 both delivered as I thought they would so kudos to CD Projekt Red and Paradox Interactive respectably for these awesome games. This month is a little slow but I have my eye on Batman: Arkham Knight and J-Stars Victory VS+ (if I can get it). Of course, Heroes of the Storm launched earlier this month and I’m grinding Blizzard games to unlock mounts. Finally there’s a beta for LEGO Worlds on Steam which looks like essentially a LEGO Minecraft. I will definitely pick that up.

That’s the news for this month. As always, take care and happy gaming!


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