Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 1


New LCS Teams

The LCS is back for the summer split and for the chance to go to Worlds. But a new split means at least a new team! Coming in Europe is Origen but this team is not necessary inexperienced when it comes to LCS.  The team consists on Mithy, Soaz, xPeke, and Amazing all of whom have been in the LCS. Their ADC Niels is new to the LCS but did pretty well in his first week.

In North America is Enemy Esports and Team Dragon Knights. Not much is known about these team but they each have some LCS experienced players.

Europe Spring Week 1

Alright! So far every EU team seems to be in better shape this season. The dream team of this season is Fnatic who swapped out Steelback for Rekkles. And they did really well going 2-0. Origen is also a team that was expected to do well and playing Giants Gaming and H2K. Elements, Gambit Gaming and SK Gaming were unknowns seeing that they had some roster swapped that made them arguably weaker. Elements was able to snag a win against Gambit, bot both Gambit and SK went 0-2. I’m a bit more worried for SK in this case due to voluntarily swapping ADCs. Copenhagen Wolves and ROCCAT went 1-1 winning against SK and Gambit respectably. Both the Wolves and ROCCAT had few changes to their roster like Gambit and SK so it shows those teams can handle new members somewhat more easily. Giants Gaming may show some promise in future weeks this time around going 1-1. Unicorns of Love did well going 1-1 losing to Fnatic.

North America Spring Week 1

Alright so the end results for NA were quite interesting. We have Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid both with a 2-0 start. In Liquid’s case, they faced off against arguably the weakest teams and had a poor early game. We’ll see if that will get fixed up for Week 2. CLG fought against Dignitas, who in my opinion are lower mid tier, and  Team Impulse. CLG won those games quite convincingly. Surprisingly, Dignitas took a game off Cloud 9 looking way better on Day 2. Cloud 9 was able to 1-1 taking a game off TSM after waiting to get to late game Kog Maw. TSM and Gravity were able to go 1-1 as well taking a game off Enemy Esports and Team dragon Knights respectively. Team 8 and Team Dragon Knights went 0-2 in quite stompy matches.

Looking Forward To In Week 2

In Europe, I’m interested to see how H2K and Unicorns of Love will do considering their growth from last split. I also want to see if Copenhagen Wolves and ROCCAT can at least go 1-1 again this week. Gambit Gaming is a team I’m looking for to see if they can have that burst of awesome like they did last split. Origen is another team I’m looking at to see if they’ll go 2-0 this week.

In NA, I want to see if Team Liquid can fix their early game and I want to see if CLG can keep going. The main problem with both these teams is that they always have some momentum during the split but just fall flat at the end or in playoffs. I want to see some consistency with these teams. For C9, it looks like it’ll take time for them to get back into fighting form despite the win against TSM so I’ll be watching them. TSM is another team I’m watching due to mid lane being the only one to convincingly go even in lane. Team 8 is the last team I want to look out for. For some reason I see promise in this team, but they need to fix a lot in order to become a stronger team.

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