Thoughts On The Second Heart of Thorns Beta


Hi guys! So I played in all three sessions of the Guild Wars 2 closed beta on May 26th. Got a few things to talk about so let’s get into it!

Mastery System UI Revamp


So in the first beta, I had a problem with the Mastery System UI as it wasn’t intuitive on how things worked. This time around it was way better but it took time to figure out how it works. What happens is that you need to select one mastery line and “level up” once to train the next segment of the line. It is then when that segment is fully “leveled” is when you can spend Mastery points to unlock the line segment.

In short it feels like a reverse way to unlock and level something. It feels weird even to the experienced MMO player. At first I didn’t even know how to activate a line. I found the gray check box which really needs to stand out more. After, I tried to unlock a line in order to level it, only to find out the reverse is suppose to happen. To the Mastery system up, it’s fine but still has that bit of a confusion element when using it for the first time. Tooltips on how to use the UI when you open it up for the first time would greatly fix this problem. Add at least 3 so that players auto clicking through will read at least one.

More Story

Not a lot but the initial story with Laranthir expanded. We first loaded into the southwest side of a Silverwastes instance to go into the Laranthir story instance. After the boss fight I was expecting a Charrcoptor to get me to Verdant Brink. Instead I had to leave a cave and fend off Mordrem for a bit. I don’t really have much to say about this but it did introduce a bit of the day/night cycle as well as mounted enemies.

More To Explore

pve-beta2-mapSo Verdant Brink in the first beta was limited to a small region where there was an flamethrower adventure and a Charrcoptor to take you the Wyvern boss fight. Both that specific adventure and the Wyvern boss fight weren’t available. Instead the land you could explore Verdant Brink was expanded quite a lot. This beta expansion introduced more events, more areas to use gliders and mushrooms for traveling and completing events. Some of the events are really fun like gathering the Wyvern eggs required use of the glider to quickly descend to a lower area.

There was also the night cycle where an element of Silverwastes comes into play bringing in and defending supplies. It’s quite simple but feels a bit mind numbing as that’s really the only type of event going at night than compared to the variety of events during the day.

Adventures are really challenging. I’m actually really excited to spend time getting them all done because some will require a certain mastery tier being completed to get a high rating.

Overall I like the direction ArenaNet is going with PvE. I’d just like more variety of the events during nightfall. Gliding feels like a feature everyone will really enjoy. Story is too early to tell in my opinion since we only played one instance. The Mastery System UI is pretty good but again, just needs that first time tool tip or something.

If you missed out on this beta, maybe you’ll be interesting in playing the open beta for Stronghold PvP beta that will be next Tuesday!

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