Necromancer Specialization Thoughts: Death Magic And Reaper


Seasons don’t fear the Reaper, but you will. If they get close to you, you will. Necromancer time! I think Necromancer is the most difficult class to play because they have the weakest damage output out of all the professions (condition damage debatable). However, Reaper changes all of that. Reaper is the elite specialization for Necromancers! First let’s take a look at the core specialization that Necromancers will have.

Necromancer Core Specialization

Spite‘s minors focuses on health thresholds and are easier to use. Death Shiver is interesting as it applies Vulnerability to enemies near you while in Death Shroud. Signet Mastery could be decent as it grants might when you use a signet, reduces signet cooldown and casts Signet of the Locust (steals health from nearby foes) when hit at a certain threshold.

Curses is the condition and crit line. Barbed Precision minor is pretty good as it has a chance to cause bleeding on crits and bleeds last longer. Can work really well with main hand Axe. Parasitic Contagion is pretty nice as it heals you for a good percent of you condition damage. Terror is the fear cause damage trait and also causes more damage when an enemy has a condition.

Death Magic line is the minions and toughness line. The Beyond the Veil minor grants you and your minions protection which could prove to be useful. Deadly Strength grants power based on toughness and doubles when in Death Shroud. Death Nova makes minions explode into a poison cloud. Necromantic Corruption makes minions do more damage and takes conditions from you and applies those conditions to an enemy (on an interval) when they hit them.

Blood Magic is the health line. Quickening Thirst now needs only one dagger to gain the movement speed bonus and recharges skills faster above a certain threshold. Vampiric Rituals reduced the cooldown of wells, allow wells to siphon health per pulse and applies protection to allies on cast.

Soul Reaping is your life force line. Vital Persistence reduces the drain on Life Force while in death shroud and reduces the cooldown on death shroud skills. Master of Terror inflicts a longer fear and fears enemies when downed. Foot in the Grave grants stability and stun breaks when you enter death shroud. Dhuumfire allows life blast to cause burning on your target.

Necromancer I felt stayed mostly the same but had their traits sorted out to make more meaningful builds. I do like the quality of life changes to Death Shroud such as providing a heal to allies when entering Death Shroud instead of granting the heal when leaving Death Shroud. Death Magic seems to allow more room with Minion builds and Curses I can see more crit builds coming out.

Reaper Elite Specialization

So Robert Gee came back and delivered an article on the Necromancer Elite Specialization: Reaper. So what does this spec have to offer? Apparently a lot of chill, menacing greatsword skills, Reaper Shroud and damaging shouts.

So, the Reaper has just raw damage output with greatsword. The greatsword has slow cleaving attacks that do a lot of damage and some multiple hits skills on enemies. One of the skills, Gravedigger is a slow attack with a high cooldown but has reduced cooldown when hitting enemies under 50%. Now, add chill to this setup. Two minor traits to aid the Reaper in it’s onslaught are Shivers of Dread which inflicts chill on your feared enemies and Cold Shoulder that increases the duration of chill. Now, add shouts to the mix. Damaging shouts at that. For example, Rise! is a shout that damages enemies and summons a Jagged Horror for each enemy hit.

Reaper’s Shroud seems really cool as it’s the augmented Death Shroud more fit for a melee Necromancer. For example, Death’s Charge replaces Dark Path. Both allow you to close the gap on opponents but Death’s Charge is a charge that damages enemies in your path.

Now, despite how good this is, this makes me wonder how normal Necromancers (that prefer casting more) can use the trait line and shouts to their advantage. So far I can see a viable Minion Master build with the Rise! shout and the core specializations. I’m highly convinced that Reaper will be a great melee class that requires some skill with the slow cleaving attacks. We’ll find out more on Points of Interest tomorrow on May 15th at noon Pacific .

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  1. I dont care what it takes. I will make a reaper melee minion master >_<

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