Age’s Site Update For May 2015


Nnnnahhh! Forgot to post this last week but here’s the site update for May!

Guild Wars 2 news is still going steady. This month will probably be mostly about Specializations unless another Heart of Thorns beta comes out. Luckily, I got a HoT Portal which is needed to get into the next beta so there will be a stream when that comes around. I’m also starting a new GW2 programming project. I have no idea when that’ll be done but the way I’m picturing it, it’ll be really cool when it’s done. It’s also something I can distribute to people when it’s done but again, it’ll take a while. I’ll reveal more when I can.

League of Legends is on a bit of a break as the Spring split is over. I’d write about the Mid Season Invitational but we all know SKT will more than likely win it. Summer split starts late May, early June so that’s when the weekly write ups for those will come out. I’m also gearing up to do the season 5 guides since summer is starting for people. I also need to be stop being lazy and do some item research & image collecting (the jungle changes don’t help lol).

I do have some news about other games. Magicka 2 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are coming out this month. I highly suggest you take a look at these two games. Very worth it.

And that’s all the news for this month. As always, take care and happy gaming!


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