Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Finals


Europe Spring Finals

The European finals consisted of Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love. Now it’s really hard to tell who was going to win this one. On the one side, Fnatic is a solid team when they have good picks and a solid plan going in. On the other side, the Unicorns have these one off picks in best of 5s that just work for them in addition to being skilled.

Game 1 it seemed that Fnatic had an edge. then they went for an early Baron when Unicorns could have contested it. Then the Unicorns stole the Baron and won the team fight because Fnatic was low. That was the turning point. Unicorns just used Varus and Sivir to clear waves and take towers so fast. Game 3 was a more solid and controlled game by Fnatic, although you can see that they got a bit antsy. Game 3 was just insane. Fnatic has a great lead when they got Huni going on Hecarim but Unicorns just kept on taking any fights, barely getting out of fights even and getting towers in the process. Unicorns played like there weren’t down in gold in a constant zerg like pressure. However it wasn’t enough to stop Fnatic from taking the game. Game 4 was a bit stompy by Unicorns. Huni didn’t get the early level 2 on Shyvana and Unicorns composition was played out really well; so much that Fnatic couldn’t do anything. Finally, Game 5 ended with Fnatic simply crushing out the gate, even in great catches by the Unicorns Fnatic came out on top.

So Fnatic won it in the end; I’d say that Fnatic could have won the 4th match if they didn’t do the Smite Shyvana top lane. Fnatic showed a lot of control in most of their games even though they did go a bit off when the Unicorns went aggressive every 2 minutes in that Game 3.

North America Spring Finals

Cloud 9 vs Team Solo Mid. This one’s a classic but who was going to win it. I was going for Team Solo Mid and I did think they’d win it depending on which Cloud 9 showed up. If everyone on Cloud 9 were on their game, then yes, Cloud 9 had a good chance. However, they don’t seem as strong as they used to this split so I really had to wonder.

Game 1 seemed to be quite even but with TSM having an edge. However, Meteos landed an amazing 5 man Sejuani ult that just changed the game into Cloud 9’s favor. Game 2 had Bjergsen on AP Kog Maw. At first both teamed seemed to be even, maybe even with Cloud 9 with a bit of an edge. Then Bjergsen started killing people at the 30 minute mark. With TSM’s tank line, they were able to tkae the game into their hands. Games 3 and 4 were stomps as TSM controlled the games pretty much from start to finish. TSM did make one or two mistakes but they couldn’t be punished because they were so ahead.

Looking at each game, Hai was first blood a lot which is a problem. I remember mid way in the split he said that if he gets out of laning phase, the team should be ok. It seems he couldn’t do that in this series. Another person I want to talk about is Dyrus. He played Lulu the first game and I was afraid he’d be playing just that the entire series but he got on Sion and Maokai and low and behold, he did amazingly well. I strongly believe Dyrus on stronger tanky champions for this meta works well for him.

Conclusion of The Split

Conclusion of these finals shows that the teams with the better and consistent team play, rather than individual skill carrying alone, will win matches. Fnatic vs Unicorns was a fun series to watch because of all the action but TSM vs Cloud 9 wasn’t as fun mostly because of the dominance TSM showed when rolling into mid game. The mid season invitational will be a fun one to watch, I’m really curious where TSM and Fnatic will end up.

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