Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Semifinals


Wow. So I have to say, right off the bat that these semi finals were intense. 3 games went to all 5 being played and I was impressed. So let’s hop right in.

Europe Spring Semifinals

The first European semi final was between H2K and Fnatic. Both team are really good but it was hard to call out a clear winner. There were games where Huni (Fnatic’s top laner) played Lee Sin. This only worked out when Huni applied jungle pressure as well as top lane pressure. Otherwise, it fell flat. I felt this pick lead to Fnatic dropping 2 games. Lee Sin is a great champion but needs to apply pressure early to get ahead or to be useful, Later in the game, I find in this meta, a top Lee Sin won’t be as effective as a Maokai or Hecarim. Thankfully, Huni switch to Vladimir who actually provides a lot of pressure and a great ult for teamfights. Utimately Reignover carried hard and Febiven did as well on Zed and Leblanc which lead to Fnatic winning games 2,4 and 5 making them the first EU finalists. H2K played really well for their first LCS split getting better and better. They have great team play but it seemed Fnatic was the better team this time around.

The second European semi final was between SK Gaming and Unicorns of Love. Now this was another matchup that could have gone either way. SK Gaming is a solid team but Unicorns of Love love bringing out different thigns in bets of 5s. The first game was AP Kog Mog mid for Unicorns of Love which proved to be a really menacing champion with full spell pen and Luden’s Echo for more poke. Kog was able to go ham and deathless for the first UOL win. Game 3 which UOL won they just decimated SK giving them no kills whatsoever. It was pretty awesome. SK’s wins honestly came from Svenskeren’s Jungle Lee Sin in games 2 and 4 which made some major plays securing the early game leads and working off of that. Game 5 was anyone’s game. Game 5 seemed to be going to SK Gaming but a Baron steal by PowerOfEvil ept UOL in it and they were able to take it to late game and win the teamfight that secured UOL the 5th game and the other spot to finals.

North America Spring Semifinals

The first final was between Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. I thought that C9 would take the series but wouldn’t get a clean series win. It didn’t look like Cloud 9 would win at all. They dropped the first two games; the first game Liquid outplayed C9 and the second is because of Fenix’s Azir being too much for C9 as it shredded through HP. In Games 3 and 4 Cloud 9 put pressure on Piglet and Xpecial finding their leads there which transitioned into wins. They also had Hai on Corki which proved to be his best champion for the series. Game 5 started out with C9 getting 3 kills in the bottom lane  on Quas, Xpecial and IWillDominate. That gave C9 a lead and Balls an advantage in lane. C9 were able to keep their lead and won the 5th game and the series.

The second final was between Team Impulse and Team Solo Mid. I leaned more toward TSM for this series but it wouldn’t be easy due to Rush. Game 1 proved that to be right. Rush was a nuisance on Nunu and kept on being an aggressive slowing machine. Impulse did get a good buff start as well and Rush was able to put more pressure than Santorin which leads to Impulse getting 5 Dragons for that OP buff and this allowed Impulse to secure game 1. After this game, the rest were in favor of TSM finding the early picks for the lead. In fact, Rush was dying a lot to TSM in game 3 on his Lee Sin which was quite surprising. In the end, TSM’s early movements got them the wins in games 2, 3 and 4 which means they’ll be heading to the finals.

Looking Forward To In Finals

Let’s talk 3rd place finish first. I honestly think H2K can get 3rd vs SK Gaming. It seems that if you take away Lee Sin and some ADC picks then play it well in the laning phase in order to not let Svenskeren ruin your day, then H2K should be good. For NA, I think Impulse can win vs Liquid but the vice versa can be said. I really don’t know who will win that one.

Now for the finals. I really can’t predict who will win. Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love will just depend if Fnatic can handle the one off picks UOL will bring out and if UOL can get an early lead on Fnatic. TSM vs Cloud9 both teams have fought each over in finals but I feel that TSM has a better chance because I feel that they won’t give out early leads that easily and they can survive the laning phase. However, if TSM give up too many objectives, that might prove to be an issue.

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