Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Quarterfinals


Europe Spring Quarterfinals

H2K vs Copenhagen Wolves I easily gave it to H2K. And H2K won the series 3-0. Granted the Wolves have done really well for themselves this split but H2K is just a better team overall. I honestly can’t put it better than that.

Gambit Gaming vs Unicorns of Love I gave it to Unicorns but it’d be close due to both teams having out of meta picks. Kikis proved me right bringing out Jungle Udyr and Shaco. Winning with these picks too by the way which helped gain a spot in semis. I find bringing out out of meta picks or at least picks no one would think is coming is great for going into bets of 5s which is a strength for the Unicorns and I think we’ll see that carry into the semi finals.

North America Spring Quarterfinals

CLG vs Team Liquid I quite honestly had thought CLG would win it. Not easily but still. Turns out that Liquid won the series 3-0. Why? Gonna say CLG curse vs “Curse” (aka Team Liquid) may have stirred some jitters. Quite honestly, if they had put Link on a burst carry and Aphromoo on Thresh/Morgana/Blitzcrank, they could have won that series, no doubt in my mind.

Team Impulse versus Gravity was interesting as Impulse’s jungler Rush pretty much played Cinderhulk version of the junglers he plays. And it worked. He provided a ton of early pressure which lead to Impulse gaining a lead and the wins need to go to the semis

. What I was a bit surprised about is that I feel that Gravity didn’t let Keane be Keane. He brings out the weird picks that work out so why not let him do that? Gravity did get wins off that during the split so I really don’t understand why.

Looking Forward To In Semifinals

Fnatic vs H2K is going to be insanely good. Both teams are quite skilled and I feel it could go to 5 matches. SK Gaming vs Unicorns of Love, I’d say it’s more in SK Gaming favor but the Unicorns play well in best of 5s.

Cloud 9 vs Team Liquid, I honestly expect Cloud 9 to take it. Cloud 9 preps really well for these best of 5 so I can’t see them losing but I can’t see them winning 3-0 either. Team Solo Mid vs Team Impulse I really can’t say who will win that. It really depends on the solo laners and the junglers because Rush has been on fire for the past few weeks.

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