Age’s Site Update For April 2015


Hey everyone! Here’s the site update for April!

Guild Wars 2 news still has once a week posts. Last week’s post was put out late in the week so I’ll hopefully have that up early this week. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed all the news so far. My favorite so far is probably precursor crafting and the new WvW borderlands! I still stream GW2 at least once a week on Thursdays so feel free to come hang out (! I’m trying to find a friendly time to stream for EU as well.

League of Legends LCS  posts will be up for playoffs. Format will be really easy as I can go in depth on the match ups, how I thought they would pan out and what happened. LoL guides I stopped working on them because my League skillstook a hit playing so much Heroes of the Storm in addition to not playing Summoner’s  Rift as much as I used to. I feel it’s hypocritical to make a basics guide when my cs numbers take a major hit. Heroes of the Storm I’m taking a slight break from in order to relearn League basics.

And that’s this month’s update. As always, take care and happy gaming,


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