Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Week 9


Europe Week 9

The week in Europe pretty much shaped out how I thought it would. There were some major upsets on Friday as Giants Gaming beat Copenhagen Wolves and Meet Your Makers beating ROCCAT.

I thought Elements had a chance,  a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless.

There were two teams in my mind that had a chance to get autorelated: Giants and MYM. Both teams were close at the bottom of the standing but MYM lost out in the end.

North America Week 9

Cloud 9 I have to say did well this week, they beat Gravity, Team Solo Mid and Counter Logic Gaming for the 2nd place tie breaker. TSM secured 1st place with a win against Coast. While CLG lost against C9 and Impulse, they picked up a win against Team 8 the day before but since they lose the tie breaker, they dropped down to 3rd.

Impulse surprisingly lost against Dignitas making them go 1-1 dropping them to 4th, Gravity also went 1-1 securing 5th and Team Liquid was able to secure 6th place in a tie breaker match against Team 8.

Interesting Picks

I see Vladimir coming back more and more, which I love since I really like playing Vlad. Twisted Fate showed up in EU which did a lot of work in the mid to late game. Cho Gath started coming out more and I’m not sure why, I guess the AoE silence and knockup are very useful in some team comps. Some Katarina came out as well, bringing the reset damage after most CC was down.

Looking Forward To In Quarterfinals

Unicorns of Love vs Gambit gaming will be insanely interesting. So much diversity comes out of both teams so it’s hard to choose a winner. H2K vs The Copenhagen Wolves I think will be in H2K’s favor. I think H2K is the better team but we’ll see if the Wolves can bring out some good games.

For NA, it’s Impulse vs Gravity. I Want to say Impulse has the upper hand with Rush and XiaoWeiXiao but Gravity is very unpredictable with Keane and Saintvicious having an on-or-off day. CLG vs Team Liquid I have to say CLG will take it. CLG as a team is stronger but Piglet and Quas might go off.

There’s also NA Collegiate matches this weekend so it’ll be a good week of League of Legends!

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