Guild Wars 2 Heart Of Thorns: Precursor Crafting Explained


Today, ArenaNet Game Desginer Linsey Murdock wrote a post on a feature a lot of us are looking forward to when Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns comes out: Precursor Crafting! Let’s hop right in and explain how it will work.

How It Works In A Nutshell

So as you probably saw from pictures of the mastery system that there are 4 Tiers, the last tier unlocking Heart of Thorns precursor crafting. The other 3 tiers weren’t explained so I assumed that it meant tier 1 would be the underwater weapons and off hands, tier 3 would be Dawn, Dusk etc. This is not the case.

The first three tiers are used to unlock the crafting of the original GW2 precursors; the fourth to unlock HoT precursors. In fact, completing the first tier will unlock the starting point collection for making them:

First Tier: Unlocks a themed collection for the precursor you’re trying to make. You’ll be fighting creatures of Tyria for trophies. Finishing the collection unlocks a receipe for the first part of your precursor which is a non-tradable exotic and skin which is a dulled down version of the precursor.

Second Tier: Unlocks a collection that requires you to hone a certain craft by talking to experts and “doing research”. Finishing the collection unlocks a receipe for the second part of your precursor which is, again, a non-tradable exotic and skin of the precursor.

Third Tier: Unlocks a themed collection where you participate in activities associated with the precursor you’re trying to make. Finishing the collection unlocks the receipe for the precursor.

Some Things To Note

All existing precursors will be updated to give off a feel of their legendary form. All the original precursors made via crafting method are tradable but the new precursors coming in Heart of Thorns will not be tradable. The original precursors can still be obtained via drop and mystic forge in addition to the crafting method. You can make each precursor via crafting only once.

Maps Will Be More Helpful For Crafting Legendaries

Maps in Tyria, excluding the starter zones, will have bonuses applied to them so that you’re rewarded for doing events and activities (like jumping puzzles and dungeons). Most rewards will be crafting materials like T6 materials (including loadstones), cores, and ectos. Maps like Dry Top and Silverwastes will give you drops you can trade in (for example geodes in Dry Top).

The goal of this is to help players get the materials they need and to show players where they can get them.

My Thoughts?

This is amazing. The crafting system seems a little easy for making precursors but I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say 100%. I guess all the various farming I’ve done in Guild Wars 2 makes it seem easy. I’m glad that ArenaNet made a limit of making each precursor max once. This will help in keeping the Trading Post stable. I’m also glad that the new precursors can only be obtained from the collections. It makes it more meaningful to make.

Overall, I like the system as it makes me travel Tyria, making the maps and NPCs have meaning. We may also find new things we’d never have seen without these collections. I personally can’t wait to make every single legendary now that this method will exist in Heart of Thorns!

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