Guild Wars 2: The New Desert WvW Borderlands Map

So some Guild Wars 2 reps at Rezzed explained some of the new features coming in the new WvW borderlands but ArenaNet Game Designer Tyler Bearce put out a post about it the following week. Here’s the low down.

More Verticality: The land has more layers to explore, probably like in the Silverwastes.

Better Layout: Rather than having an open space where zergs can easily past an objective to reach one deeper in a borderland, the towers and keeps will act as choke points in order to make taking over a map happen in a wave like form rather than spotted objective capping. In other words, it’s possible to be spotted sooner due to passing objectives.

Distinctive Objectives: You know how all the towers and keeps look the same in the current borderlands? Well in the new borderland map, there’s more thematic keeps and towers based on air, earth and fire. Not only are the objectives thematic, but also the guard NPCs that match each of the elements.

Shrines That Grant Buffs: Shrines are what will make WvW so interesting. Individuals can cap a shrine. There are 9 shrines, 3 for each element. Obtaining one will grant your world OP buffs such as immunity to falling damage from an air shrine or immunity to burning damage from a fire shrine. There’s also an Oasis in the middle of the map that has a cannon. Every now and then, players get a chance to gain control of it. When a world does get control, the cannon that rains down on enemy gates.

Dolyak/Guard Buff: Dolyaks will now get a buff to increase their defense if an ally player is near it. This is to increase the difficulty of taking out defended Dolyaks. Guards now can cripple enemy Dolyaks to increase the duration of their supply run and guards outposts.

Looking at all of these, I assume that the goal with the new Borderlands is to encourage holding objectives and allowing single player or small groups to be more helpful while allowing zerging. There’s also, spicing things out with new layering and new visuals for thw keeps and towers. If you want all the details, check out the original post here!

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