Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Week 7


Europe Week 7

I think Europe is at the point where the top teams win matches and teams can beat another team that’s close in standing with them.

Elements had a bad week as they lost to Copenhagen Wolves and Unicorns of Love. It seems bringing in Krepo isn’t solving the team’s main issue which I think right now is the early game and the transition to mid game.

H2K is becoming more and more of a threat these days as they picked up another 2-0 week. I’m highly impressed as probably a lot fo people who wouldn’t peg H2K for a top 3 finish in week 1. Now it’s very likely.

The rest of the teams are performing as usual with the exception of Meet Your Makers would actually picked up a win against Giants Gaming. But seeing that Giants are pretty close to them in the standings I don’t really see it as a motivational booster. However, Giants Gaming has one game up on MYM for auto relegation so those teams better be careful of each other.

North America Week 7

Team Impulse impressed this week as they went 2 -0 against Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. They’re now in 4th place. They are definelty looking as contenders for the top 3 spots. Team 8 went 1-1 this week but are now tied for 5th in the standing which is a great accomplishment given their early weeks. You can see that these are the teams, in addition to Cloud 9, that have recovered the most from the start of the split.

TSM and CLG keep their 1st and 2nd spots respectively as they 2-0 the week. Although I have to say, TSM did have a bit of a hard time against Winterfox and Team 8 which has me a bit concerned about how they’re playing these days. The stronger teams would have definitely punished them.

Winterfox move Altec to Support and got Paragon as their new ADC. This late in the split, it’s kind of weird but Altec has a mean Leona. Winterfox didn’t pick up any wins but it kind of makes sense with a new ADC that’s just started playing in the LCS.

Liquid brought back in Piglet due to recent better behavior. Despite that, I still think KEITH should be back in. Sadly KEITH is in school and this makes this a hard decision for Liquid. If they plan to continue, they need a full time ADC. Sadly, no results came through as they went 0-2.

Coast is sadly looking at relegation unless Diginitas drop games and Coast wins at least 4 more games but it looks unlikely.

Interesting Picks

Viktor and Hecarim picks came out quite a bit. XiaoWeiXiao played Karthus this week and dominated again no dying even once. I feel like he’s challenging the current mobility champ era somewhat. Either way, he did a great job.

Looking Forward To In Week 8

In EU, Elements vs H2K could be an interesting one but I’m looking forward to Unicorns of Love vs Fnatic. In NA, it’s TSM vs CLG again. Hopefully that will be another epic match. I’m also looking forward to Team 8 vs Cloud 9.

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