Age’s Site Update For March 2015


Hey everyone, hope all is well. Here’s the content update for this month.

Guild Wars 2 news is still flowing. Also, beta signups are open so go for it and good luck! I’ve been streaming GW2 (mostly sPvP) consistently on Thursdays. I plan to get some League of Legends in too. Also, I should have a video up in the coming days talking about my initial thoughts on Stronghold. I’ve been wanting to encapsulate my blog posts (at least one a week) into a video so, if time permits I’ll start doing that.

League of Legends LCS  posts are still going up once a week. I really like the new format as it gives me an easier time to distinguish teams in certain categories. Also, sorry about been late on the guides, I will start them next week since there’s IEM Katowice next week. I won’t be writing about it unless something really good happens.

Heroes of the Storm I can now play Hero League. I need to get back into it though. Speaking of Blizzard games, it looks like Overwatch beta is coming and I can’t wait! I tried it at Blizzcon and it was so much fun. They also released 2 new characters, one is McCree a western gunman and the other is Zarya a Russian tank. Viewing her special, Zarya seems like the anti-turret character for payload which was really needed.

My music project remixing GW2 songs is on hiatus at the moment but I’m releasing something on my Soundcloud every 2 weeks at the very least.

That’s this month’s update. As always, take care and happy gaming,


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