Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns: Thoughts On The Story Demo


Last week, a lucky group of YouTubers, community members and writers were able to go to ArenaNet offices in the US or in the UK. They all released some info on March 3rd so I’ll be covering the videos/articles released as much as possible over the coming days. There were two demos: one was the PvE Story demo and then there was the Stronghold sPvP demo. This post will cover the content of Story demo I watched via Aurora Peachy and Shinryuku; the story starts where we left off after the Pact Fleet got destroyed at the end of Living Story Season 2. I guess I should say that if you don’t want this spoiled for you I’d suggest not reading the Story Demo section or past it.

Before Really Playing

The PvE demo starts at character creation and of course the new Revenant class was a possible choice. The Revenant looks like an insanely fun class to play from what I’ve seen from Stronghold matches and Points of Interest. The Revenant gives off a dark tone vibe with the weapon abilities and color coded abilities based on the legend currently being channeled (Jalis, icy blue, Mallyx, shadowy dark purple).

I’d like to note that the player character actually talks during the instance. No there was no cutscene. I’ve gotten too used to they way the game utilizes our character in cutscene now but man I’m so happy that ArenaNet went this route. This is a great way for a player to be more immersed into the story and pretty much removes dialogue cutscenes entirely. I can’t wait to talk more and to hear what I have to say.

The Story Demo & Wyvern Boss

The PvE demo pretty much covers the first story mission and the Wyvern boss. Think of the demo as part of a living story episode. The story starts with Destiny’s Edge 2.0, Canach and the player at the top of a cliff on Verdant Brink, aka the cliff you see every time in the latest POI episodes. Everyone descends to the wreckage to find Laranthir in which the player has to help him rescue his soldiers. This leads to a cavern where Mordrem try to keep everyone away from the cages where Laranthir’s soldiers are captives. The new Mordrem enemies seem corrupted as they say things like “So nice of you to come to us”. Corrupted Mordrem will probably have lines like this while in combat much like the Risen do. At some point where a mini-boss Overseer fight occurs, a Mordrem wurm comes out to spew more Mordrem to fight. Not sure why the wurm didn’t try to eat all the non-Mordrem or something but hey, good news for them right?

After this story instance, the player is brought back to Verdant Brink but on a different ledge in the open world where as it so happens a Wyvern boss has appeared! The boss looks pretty engaging and has enough mechanics to be legitimately good. There’s fire, fire everywhere. I’ll put Shinryuku’s video below so you can check the fight out. After the Wyvern fight, the PvE demo pretty much seems to end there with only the Wyvern boss and some events reoccurring in the immediate area.

In Summary

I think the demo shows off polished Living Story elements which is important since ArenNet have been learning how to make story better after two seasons of Living Story. There also seems to be promising boss fights down the road since the Wyvern had a pretty decent mechanic setup. There’s also a decent look at the initial Mastery System and the first iteration of the Revenant seems pretty solid.

If you want to check out the story instance for yourselves, you can take a look at Aurora Peachy’s playthrough video below (gameplay, no commentary):

If you want to see the Wyvern in action here is Shinryuku’s Wyvern Fight video (with commentary):

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