Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Week 6


Europe Week 6

So I have to say Elements made an interesting move last week bringing in Krepo as a Support for them. I have to say, this move will make them a bit more aggressive due to Krepo’s playstyle and I think it’s what they sorely need right now. They did ok this week beating Meet Your Makers but losing out to SK Gaming but it’s to be expected. I think the results would have been the same whether Krepo was in last week or not but it gave Krepo some time to get readjusted to the LCS again.

The two teams that are becoming a real threat is Gambit Gaming and H2K. Gaming Gaming got a new mid laner Betsy while NiQ is out due to medical reasons. Quite honestly I’m not sure if they want to get NiQ back or if the lack of NiQ makes Diamond and Edward play a lot better in order to carry games. With H2K it seems the practice is paying off as H2K pick up more and more wins each week. Big props to Prolly because he’s doing something right in the coaching position.

Fnatic, SK Gaming and Unicorns of Love all look pretty solid. Unicorns lost to Meet Your Makers due to a bad team fight (where both teams are pretty even) which lead to the push for the win. Unicorns outplayed SK Gaming in their matchup.

Giants Gaming and Roccat are two teams that could still come back. I mean, after all, Gambit Gaming are looking really good after the first 3 weeks. Meet Your Makers has a slim chance provided that they win all their games but I think they need to be looking to not get auto relegated right now.

North America Week 6

Team Liquid and Team 8 are the surprise teams of the week going 2-0. Liquid I’d say was 50/50 versus Gravity but they put on a great show versus Counter Logic Gaming which I didn’t peg them for winning. I have to say it was mostly Quas and Dominate stepping up. Teams should take away Rek Sai from Dominate, he’s been having a lot of success on that champ. Team 8 started winning because they let CaliTrollz do his thing and Slooshi started doing work. I think that’s the best way for Team 8 to gather wins and should try to keep it up.

Cloud 9 has me a bit worries with Hai always going Zed. Granted, if no one is going to ban it from them, then they should keep running it but I do hope Hai has a special pick or two in case teams wise up. Winterfox had a hard schedule so no surprise they went 0-2.

Team Solo Mid, Gravity, and Team Impulse are teams that seem pretty solid each team going 1-1 in the week. Either it was a weird comp or the team just got outplayed early in the game.

Dignitas and Team Coast are teams that I feel are done for this split. Coast is way down the standings with one win, if they don’t 2-0 at at in the the coming weeks it’s auto relegation for them. Dignitas don’t feel like a complete team to me which is why I think it’s over for them for this split.

Interesting Picks

Surprisingly Viktor showed up on the rift in NA for Gravity but was the only lane doing moderately well as the other lanes struggled somewhat especially the Hecarim top but he had no flash. O and Karthus which XiaoWeiXiao crushed Bjergsen with.

Looking Forward To In Week 7

In EU, H2K vs Gambit Gaming is going to be so interesting to watch as these are the two teams that are surging at the moment. There’s also SK Gaming vs Fnatic which will determine first place once again (at least at the end of that day). In NA, Team Liquid vs Team 8 will be a good one. We’ll see how the lanes match up against each other; these are surging teams as well.

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