Checking Out The Guild Wars 2 Heart Of Thorns Mastery System


Special thanks to Bog Otter and Mattsa Ninja for this one. Both compiled the masteries available in the demo so I’ll get to talk about these. Sadly the Fractal Mastery Line were “obscured by the Mists”. Also note that the mastery points you spend per tier is cumulative. For example, you would spend 1 point for the first tier then 3 points to unlock the 2nd tier; therefore you’ve spent four points in total. Also, these masteries might be for demo purposes but for sure these Mastery lines will probably change somewhat for release (it is a demo after all).

Legendary Precursor Crafting Mastery Line

Why wait for stuff I know you guys want to know about first. So there are four levels of this line to unlock; right now it takes 10 points to unlock . The first three unlock tier 1, 2 and 3 of the precursors currently in the game. So I assume Tier 1 would be the underwater weapons, the off hand weapons, and the mace (The Energizer). Tier 3 would be the sword (Zap), greatsword (Dusk/Dawn), dagger (Spark), staff (The Legend), the hammer (The Colossus) and Tier 2 would be everything in between. The fourth level of this mastery line unlocks the precursors found in Heart of Thorns.

This is a good setup because it makes you work for the more expensive precursors and you can’t get the new precursors off the bat. Also it sets up for future precursors in later expansions (new tier of precursors).

Gliding & Mushroom Mastery Line

As described at PAX South, the Gliding Mastery line allows you to have a glider and improve it to fly longer, use updrafts, launch yourself farther and so on. Pretty basic but you’ll probably have to max this in order to do content down the road.

Mushroom Mastery is similar but has some combat utilities as well you can eat mushrooms to run faster, recharge skills, heal/cleanse and of course, jump higher on large mushrooms.

Exalted Lore Line

This is a combat mastery line. But first I want to talk about the Exalted. It seems that this could be the race that were thought to be the Mursaat. Very interested to learn more about them.

It basically gives you more passive defensive or offensive capabilities versus Mordrem such as less conditions affecting you or being able to do more damage. There are two other tiers that interested me. One allowed you to decipher their language to gain secrets of their civilization. I wonder if this is lore related or of theirs areas in game that players will be able to reveal. The other is the ability to fight a Champion in the Gold City (area in Heart of Thorns) and unlock their finest treasures. So I think it’s something like killing a Champion at the end of a puzzle to get the chest. Both these tiers might unlock a collection of some sort or needed for precursor crafting.

Itzel & Nuhoch Lore Line

Pretty similar to the Exalted line but for Hyleks (the frog people)! There’s a tier in Itzel that specifically unlocks rare collections. The final Nuhoch tier allows you to go on hidden trails which is pretty sweet. This definitely makes me wonder if there’s hidden paths that you need Mastery tiers for. I plan to fill all my Mastery lines as fast as possible so I’m really excited to find out.

And that’s what was available in the Mastery System. Be sure to check Mattsa.Ninja for more detailed descriptions! If you rather listen than read, here’s Bog Otter’s breakdown video (and the sequel) of the Mastery System from the HoT demo:

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