Guild Wars 2 Is Getting A First Person Camera


I was wondering what kind of Guild Wars 2 post I’d have for you guys this week and then we get the news of a First Person camera coming March 10th!

But it’s not just first person, there’s a few cool features that’s coming to the camera:

  • First Person View: Zooming in all the way in will make the camera go into first person. It’s available all the time. You can finally get the awesome screenshots you’ve always wanted.
  • Field of View: There will be a slider to control how much a player can see of the world in their field of vision.
  • Position Slider: An interesting addition, you can control the horizontal and vertical position of the camera but your character will always be in view.
  • Collision Sensitivity: My personal favorite change, this controls when the camera closes in when near an object like a wall, tree, rock etc. VERY helpful where jumping puzzles are concerned.
  • Character Height: Another interesting addition. With this option, no matter what race you play, the camera will focus on the character’s head, you can adjust the character height if you like this option but do jumping puzzles.

Really happy that ArenaNet listened to the community about this and I’m really happy about some of these changes for a few reasons:

  • Can finally get awesome screenshots without using a tonic
  • Can finally do jumping puzzles without the camera going all wonky
  • Can finally not have the camera zoom in your mid section when feared or dodge into a wall in ALL modes (especially sPvP)
  • Can play the game in First person if that’s your desired play style (although I wouldn’t suggest it)

There will be a Ready Up livestream on today (February 27th, 2015) and they’ll show off the new features. I’m really excited for this!


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  1. This’ll open the door to taking some more scenic / cool screenshots. I’m surprised they didn’t add this sooner. I can also look at hot female characters in first person now 😉

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