Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Week 5


Man I have to say there were a few surprises this week but that Liquid vs TSM game was the best game of the week. Of course we’ll cover all the teams.

Europe Week 5

Biggest turnarounds this week came from Giants Gaming, Gambit Gaming and Copenhagen Wolves. Even thought the Wolves faced off against arguably weaker teams in Roccat and Meet Your Makers but they showed promise of improvement in their team fighting as well as laning. Giants Gaming needed wins to turn things around and got them against Elements and Unicorns of Love who were in the top half of the standings. They didn’t necessary showed a strong showing versus Elements but it showed they can punish mistakes  really well. They just need to work on at the very least staying even in the laning phase. Gambit Gaming seems to be getting back into form beating Meet Your Makers and Fnatic of all teams. Diamond is looking to form and pretty much everyone else on the team shaping up and doing better in the laning phase and team fights.

Surprisingly, SK Gaming lose both their games this week. I think it’s too early to say they’re in a slump since eventually a team loses a game. Maybe this was a week for them to lose a few. Fnatic lost against Gambit but won against SK. In this case, Fnatic just got outplayed by Gambit.

H2K is doing pretty solid work as they slowly rise in the standings. Unicorns of Love lost both games this week but still look prettyy solid too.

Surprisingly Elements is struggling in find wins these days. I believe it’s their passive play style that’s hurting them. They play so passively and then when they go all out it kind of back fires on them, like they forgot how to go on the offensive. Meet Your Makers seems like they could win games if they can go even in the laning phase in all the lanes, otherwise it seems like a lost for them.

North America Week 5

Oddly enough this week will be easy to explain. Everyone went 1-1 this week with the exception of Cloud 9 and Team Coast. Cloud 9 had Hai on Zed for the their 2 games which is a comfort pick and lead to pretty decent victories. Coast got ManCloud back in mid lane but there was no success there. So we see that the majority of teams can win or lose to other teams.

Other notable players is Imagine as the support for Winterfox who did pretty well in his first games. Also, KEITH came in as the ADC for Team Liquid and proved to show better results for the team than Piglet.

Also, the game between Team Liquid and Team SoloMid was insanely awesome with 2 base defenses performed by TSM.

Interesting Picks

C9’s LemonNation used Veigar as a support in a game which was pretty good at zoning as well as securing a skillshot target.

Looking Forward To In Week 6

Week 6 has a few interesting EU matches. Gambit vs the Wolves will be interesting as they’re both surging teams. There’s also CLG vs Liquid in NA which I think will be good if KEITH stays on the team.

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