Guild Wars 2: How The Revenant Works


Finally! Some news on the Revenant! Game Designer Roy Cronacher wrote up a post on the Guild Wars 2 site to tell us a bit about how the Revenant works. I’ve personally had questions on how the legends would work. That question has been answered and so much more!

The Skill Bar


You know the special Function skills each profession has (F1-F4)? Well the Revenant’s profession slots in 2 legends of your choosing into your Function skill. You can toggle between the 2 slotted legends by pressing F1. The legend you choose determines the entire right side of your skill bar. That’s right, your heal, utilities AND elite skill. The Revenant also has a resource bar in order to use skills. Think of it as a mana bar. When you switch to a legend, you get 50% of your bar filled and more so over time. What’s interesting is the addition of upkeep skills. Upkeep skills are skills that consumes a bit of your resource bar over time as long as you keep the skill active. If you’ve played GW1, you probably understand this.

The choice in making the skill bar this way is interesting for a variety of reasons. Since players won’t be in control of choosing that right set of utility, heal and elite for their builds, I assume there will be a decent variety of legends to choose from, my guess would be around 75% of the average number of utility skills per profession. I’m not sure how much this will affect sPvP players since we don’t know all the legends just yet. I imagine it may be even easier to make builds depending on what you want to do and you equip the according legends best suited. I also wonder if buying legend skills will cost more skill points than the average utility skill or elite to balance things out. I have heard there may be a change to how skills are obtained so we’ll wait on that. Also, having upkeep skills will definitely require some player skill to maintain their resource bar. To be honest, I’m really excited for using upkeep skills because I used this mechanic a lot on my Monk in GW1.

Revenant Weapons


Revenants do not have a weapon swap ability, which makes sense when you think about it. Engineer (medium armor) and Elementalist (light armor) can’t weapon swap but have swappable skills in some form. The addition of a heavy class with the specialized function skill described above that can’t weapon swap seems reasonable. Also, weapons are not tied to legends but to the Mists instead. So don’t worry, you’ll always have those weapon skills when swapping legends.

Revenants will be able to use Hammers as a ranged weapon, Maces and Axes as melee weapons. I’m actually quite relieved that Hammer is confirmed as a range weapon because most PvE boss fighting requires range and the Hammer seems like it will be a decent range weapon with some close range bonus Guardians have like Field of the Mists which makes a field that blocks incoming projectiles. Maces and Axes seem to be designed to be used in a positional strategic manner. A skill on the Axe called Temporal Rift creates a rift and pulls enemies to it after a short time which could be combined with the 3rd mace auto attack Manifest Toxin which sends toxic energy to enemies behind each target. There are probably quite a bit of cool Revenant combos you can pull off.

Legend Stances


Look at that image! Just look at that! Is that not awesome?! For those of you that have played GW1 Nightfall, you know that’s a Mallyx the Unyielding effect of some kind. Well you’re correct! Each Legend stance has a distinct look and color scheme to tell the difference and each legend has a special “trait”. For Mallyx, it would be conditions. There’s a Mallyx upkeep skill called Embrace the Darkness that makes you more powerful with the conditions applied to you (I assume the Charr in the pic above is using it). For Jalis it would be tanking and brawling. A Jalis upkeep skill is Vengeful Hammers which makes hammers fly around you and damages enemies in the process. This reminds me of my Dervish in GW1 for some reason and I’ll probably be running Jalis stance quite a bit on release.

New Boons, and Conditions, and Status Effects Oh My!

So we only know of 3 of them so far (and there might only be 3, you never know) but here’s the one’s listed. Do note that these are for the Revenant as well as other professions via Specializations:

  • Resistance (boon) – conditions on you have no effect, stacks with duration: that is just simply amazing
  • Slow (condition) – Skills and actions are slower: aka the animations for performing skills or attacks are slower (opposite of quickness)
  • Taunt (status effect) – Involuntarily attack foes: a taunted player will be forced to auto attack an enemy

Resistance will help squishies out as well as help in dealing with that annoying condi-[insert profession name here] build in sPvP or WvW. Slow I can see a use for in WvW, slower animations means an easier target. Taunt is actually really good from a tanking point of view. Basically taking agro away from dying allies and such.

So we know a bit more about the Revenant now and I’m actually even more excited to try one out. My main problem now is which race will my Revenant be? I mean, I gotta look cool when entering Legend Stances after all.

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