Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Week 4


Well, this week was interesting! We’ve almost reach the half point but it seems some teams are falling as well as some teams are coming out of their shell.

Europe Week 4

Gambit Gaming I have to say fixed a bunch of their problems because they won both their games quite well. These games were against Giants Gaming and Elements. I still saw some signs of them doing individual plays in the mid to late game without wards so that needs to get a bit toned down. H2K was another team that did well beat Elements and Roccat who was on an upswing.

SK Gaming and Unicorns of Love were two teams that were solid during the week going 2-0. Granted both of these teams faced off against weaker teams.

Surprising win was Copenhagen Wolves beating Fnatic. It shows that teams are figuring how how Fnatic’s 1 type of composition works. SK Gaming does something similar but the difference being is that SK can usually win laning phase. So Fnatic needs a way to keep their style of play functional or find another type of play that works for them. On the other end, that’s win the Wolves need to pick themselves up.

Sadly Meet Your Makers isn’t showing up at all in their games and Giants Gaming seems to be falling off.

North America Week 4

So the climatic showdown between TSM and CLG was quite awesome. Both teams have solid play although TSM did look a little shaky against Gravity the day before. CLG looked amazing in the first 30-35 minutes of the game. In the end CLG made mistakes afterwards which cost them the game.

The most surprising team this week was Winterfox going 2-0 versus Impulse and Cloud 9. It seems that Gleeb picked up the slack and engaged super well against teams. Cloud 9 also picked bad fights.

Team Impulse, Gravity and Team Liquid seem to be sitting in the same skill zone with Team 8 shortly behind.

Team Coast is a team that is just not performing well as they sit in last place. Oddly enough they did have some shining moments but just can’t seem to find the  next good objective to close out games.

Interesting Picks

Froggen pulled out Anivia in a game but it showed that he wanted a win but it didn’t seem to help.

Looking Forward To In Week 5

Week 5 is the halfway point which will give you a good idea of which teams will be in the upper half and which team looks most likely to be relegated.

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