sPvP Stronghold Mode & How It Works In Guild Wars 2

gw2_stronghold_map_champ_dusk 2

Alright so yesterday, PvP Team Lead John Corpening and Competive Designer Hugh Norfolk made a Guild Wars 2 post about the new PvP Stronghold mode and the mechanics it contains in the first ever GW2 Stronghold map: the Battle of Champion’s Dusk. Let’s describe these mechanics real quick then go into my initial thoughts.

Supply And NPCs

So each player can carry a max of 2 supply which is obtain by supply posts (probably similar to WvW but without any NPCs guarding it). Supply is dropped on death and anyone can pick it up if found. Supply is used to hire two types of attackers: Doorbreakers, skritt NPCs who excel at and only focus on taking down gates, and archers, NPCs who excel at taking down other NPCs but attack others as well. Other NPCs are Guards which are located at a team’s gate and around the Lord which you need to down in order to win a match. Guards can one shot Doorbreakers. However, once a guard is down it stays down, Guards do not revive at a later time. There’s also a Hero NPC which a team can get by channeling the Hero point when it appears. The Hero NPC focuses on the very next objective. Hero has a super ultimate used when facing the lord but take time to channel and can be interrupted.

Trebuchet And Map Layout

There are also a trebuchet for each team to bombard objectives with. These trebuchet, much like in Battle of Kyhlo can be destroyed but instantly repairs by using supply otherwise you have to wait a few minutes for it to self repair.

The map is two lanes, one end of a lane is attack, the other end defends and vice versa for the other lane. The defense side has a gate and past that an inner sanctum where the Lord resides. There are many roles players can fill such as attackers, supply runners, NPC escort support, trebuchet shooter, gate defender, roamer etc.

My Initial Thoughts

So off the bat I have to say there are a lot of focus on channeling: for supply there’s a 2 second channel, to summon NPCs with supply you need to channel, for hero NPC you need to channel. So at least one interrupt per player will probably be vital for this PvP mode.

Depending on how strong guards are, assaulting those will be a priority in order to get Doorbreakers through. My initial thought is to use supply on Archers and do an initial assault to take out the guards guarding the gate, then summon 2 or 3 Doorbreakers and escort them to the gate to take it down, then switch back to Archers for an assault on the Lord. Defending I would have at least one person nearby in case someone tries to assault the gate in order to call for backup and trebuchet support.

Trebuchet I think should prioritize supply camp and enemy attackers, especially if it’s Doorbreakers. Next would be attacking the gate and defending the gate with the trebuchet. When the Hero point is about to pop up, all trebuchet focus should be on that.

For player roles, I wonder if there will actually be diversity in builds for once. If it’s 5v5, I currently can’t see why current PvP meta builds wouldn’t work. you could ahve a bunker for gate and trebuchet to hold out till help arrives. You could have a duelist on trebuchet. You’d have professions with high mobility roaming the map and you’d have berzerks assaulting gate. At least that’s the way I can see it right now.

I feel like this will be a fun mode, it’s like a mini WvW map but the focus is purely on assaulting and defending a keep. It has a variation of gameplay to it which I feel needs more than 5 people to get the most out of it but we’ll have to see when it comes out. We’ll get a first glance today of Stronghold on Ready Up!

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