Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Week 3


Let’s see how teams are shaping up on the improvement side in week 3 of the LCS!

Europe Week 3

I’m going to start with teams that are lacking. Those teams are Gambit Gaming, Copenhagen Wolves, and Meet Your Makers. For Gambit it has to be someone to be carrying. Each member of that team had great form at some point. It came out in their last game of the week versus H2K, especially Edward on Thresh. They also seem to throw themselves into pick positions and don’t group as much. Copenhagen Wolves lack a good early game, they can come back in late game but the better teams will not give you many chances to do so which is how they won their games this week. Meet Your Makers is a team I’m not sure what they do wrong. I feel as though they’re lost in the mid game and can’t seem to get an advantage.

Unicorns of Love is a rocky team for me. They were able to come back to take down Fnatic which is a great achievement handing Fnatic their first loss. However they lost to Copenhagen Wolves which is arguably the weaker team.

Teams that have impressed me this week has been Giants Gaming and Roccat. Giants fly a bit under the radar but they have pretty solid play. Roccat seem to be getting back into the grove but still make a few mistakes in the early game which cost them kills or even their lives if it goes badly.

Really solid teams are Elements and SK Gaming. They play really controlled games at their pace.

North America Week 3

Still on top are CLG and TSM both are playing their own game but there were small instances while they were ahead that they made some mistakes which could lead to a team taking advantage in the future. They should learn to keep their games controlled throughout for solid wins.

Improvements on C9 with Hai taking the “hang back and farm” game which seems to be working but someone will break that soon so Hai will need to figure out the mid lane.

Team 8, Team Coast and Winterfox all had hard matches when not against one another but it’s to be expected against some of the harder teams. They still show signs of improvement although Coast needs more team fighting practice.

Surprising me was Diginitas going 1-1 with their new jungler, even thought it was mostly due to their ADC for the win.

Team Liquid, Gravity, and Team Impulse I have to say put up the worst of the week. Gravity either had a bad comp or got picked off or trained into fights. Liquid did alright vs Coast but against Dignitas they got brush rushed a lot which isn’t their fault I guess but I felt they could play around that. Impulse pretty much lose to higher tier teams. Surprisingly Bjergsen tilted XiaoWeiXiao on Yasuo so much early game, no Yasuo ult would come through well.

Interesting Picks

Rumble is coming back as a top lane pick for most of the top laners. Ezreal is being used in mid as well as Corki. A few Nami and Cassiopeia picks as well. Jungle Nidalee is pretty much the highlight for this week though.

I’d like to point out once again is the Lulu pick in solo lanes. I said it’s not a good pick for the meta and I still see some teams use it and lose. Hopefully they learned their lesson.

Looking Forward To In Week 4

Week 4 will be CLG vs TSM. That’s all I really want to see. I really want to know who would win at this point in time. Both team have some solid play but I feel CLG has an advantage at the moment due to a stronger bottom lane but that could be balanced by TSM’s mid lane.

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